SXSW Bound with Director Tom McCarthy

13 03 2011

Monday March 14th Director Tom McCarthy’s latest film, WIN WIN, will play at SXSW at the Paramount Theatre on 713 Congress Ave at 7:15pm.  Tom was in Dallas for a few days this week.  Here is audio from a Q & A Tom had with Gordon and the Whale‘s James Wallace.

Win Win Sundance Picture – Paul Giamatti, Thomas McCarthy, Clare Foley, Alex Shaffer, Amy Ryan & Bobby Cannavale.  Photo from Critictoo Cinema.

Tom McCarthy is a talented actor who has directed three really moving and well done films (The Station Agent, The Visitor and now Win Win).  He’s easily one of the best directors at showing real families and people in entertaining and moving plots.

Tom talks about how him and co-writer Joe Tiboni decided to tell a story close to their own lives.

Wait a minute, Tom McCarthy was a high-school wrestler?  This information even caused his long time Cinematographer Oliver Bokelberg to question what was up.

Tom talked about casting the lead wrestler for the film.

Paul Giamatti with Alex Shaffer in Win Win.  Photo Credit: Kimberly Wright TM and © 2010 Twentieth Century Fox.

Tom talks about the tremendous acting job Alex did with his first ever role.

Paul Giamatti with Alex Shaffer in Win Win.  Photo Credit: Kimberly Wright TM and © 2010 Twentieth Century Fox.

Tom discusses one of the toughest days on set.  The particular scene asked   Alex to go to a place he hasn’t ever been.  His character, Kyle, attacks his mother, played by the incredible Melanie Lynskey and the scene is an extremely tense one and Tom breaks it all down.

For the research into high school wrestling Tom would follow actual high school wrestling teams.

I asked Tom about what it was like working with the legendary Burt Young who plays Leo in the movie.

Tom talked about the choices that Paul Giamatti‘s character, Mike, made during the film and how the viewpoint of these choices is the whole basis of the movie.

Tom further dwells into what Win Win is really about.

Tom ended the Q & A by talking about the films that helped inspire Win Win and also how great Fox Searchlight has been with the whole process.

Paul Giamatti, Clare Foley, Amy Ryan and Penelope KindredPhoto Credit: Kimberly Wright TM and © 2010 Twentieth Century Fox.

Here is the trailer to the amazing film Win Win by Tom McCarthy.

The film is out on Friday March 18th and we’ll have more with Tom in a few days!!!




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