SXSW Bound with Director Berndt Mader

12 03 2011

Director Berndt Mader‘s latest film, Five Time Champion, will have its World Premiere tomorrow at SXSW 2011.  The Austin based Director chatted with PSD about his wild career and here is part 1 of that talk.

The wildness of this interview is that Berndt and I are from the same area.

Berndt wouldn’t stick around these parts for long though.  He specifically talked about his childhood friend, the incredibly talented Director David Gordon Green and he talked about the recently passed away Director Gary Winick, who also was a passionate film maker.

Berndt’s family would be hit hard as his father was slowly dying from Cancer and Berndt was amazing enough to talk about this tough struggle.

Director’s Berndt Mader and Ben Steinbauer showcasing the logo for The Bear Media.

Speaking of The Bear Media.

Berndt and I discussed his film A Neutral Density which is a well-done short that utilizes a time-lapse element.

Being a UT grad student of course he shot around the lovely terrain of the Texas State Capital.

He then would go on to film a movie called,  The Printer.  The film’s style has a particular European inspiration.

Berndt explains why it’s particular titled The Printer.

Berndt’s next project,  Road to Tlacotepec would deal with his father’s death and is a tremendous look into his dad’s photographer days in Mexico in the late 60’s.

And his father would have with him on this trip Berndt’s mother.

Berndt’s feature length film, Five Time Champion ,has its world premiere tomorrow at 11am at the awesome Paramount Theatre 713 Congress Ave.  We’ll have part 2 of the interview with Director Berndt Mader.  He discusses his film Five Time Champion, his partnership with Ben, and just has fun telling stories.




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