“You can get anywhere from Dallas”, Author Paul Black

11 03 2011

Author Paul Black brings a fresh look to the near future fiction writing genre.  I had a wonderful dinner with Paul, his wife, and Publicist Kelly Kitchens (who put the shindig together!).  Here is part 1 of our chat.

The Shy town native talks about the Windy City.

Author Paul Black was a tremendous athlete and it lead to a pretty impressive collegiate career.

Paul would make his way to Dallas by 1979 and jump into the advertising world.  He has seen the city go a long way since then.

Paul has published the trilogy The Tels, Soulware and Nexus Point. And now his new near-future thriller The Presence is in stores nationwide and on line at all major retailers.  He gained his love of science fiction because of the writers he loved.

Paul talks about the actual definition of the genre his near future trilogy, The Tels, Soulware and Nexus Point is included in.

Now Paul explains what the difference and similarity of his trilogy and his latest book, Presence.

Paul breaks down his two lead characters, Deja and Sonny.

He gave a unique analogy of his near future books.

Paul has one more book signing this Saturday, March 12  at 2-4 pm at The Barnes & Noble on Preston  Park.

The exact address is 2201 Preston Rd Suite E    Plano    TX    75093.

He’ll also open up April with a signing at the Barnes and Noble at University Village.

The exact address is 1612 S. University Dr #401    Fort Worth    TX    76107.

Part 2 of our chat will be in mid-april, a lot of greatness from Author Paul Black.




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