SXSW BOUND with Cinematographer Oliver Bokelberg part 2

10 03 2011

Early in the week we showcased part 1 of our chat with the talented DP Oliver Bokelberg.  Here is part two of our chat and he started this section out by talking about one of our greatest directors (and a PSD vet).

Oliver Bokelberg shot the pilot for Frank Darabont’s short-lived NBC show RAINES.

Oliver got to DP for one of my all-time favorite directors, Frank Darabont.  He talks about what that experience was like.

Oliver talked passionately about what his role is and should be for the director.

Oliver with Director Jay Ananian on the set of Long Time Since.

But the DP can’t just protect the director, he’s also got to build relationships with the actors.

We switched subjects a bit when I asked Oliver about the cinematographers that influenced and inspired him.

Oliver also talked about the Directors he admires today.

Oliver discussed the interesting way he’s been able to show the Big Apple, in movies like  The Visitor and shows like Dirty Sexy Money.

It was intriguing to hear Oliver discuss the battle between film and digital film-making, he even brings up the tremendous DP Matthew Libatique.

Oliver talked about what he has upcoming.

Win Win plays at SXSW on Monday, March 14th at the Paramount Theatre.  It hits theaters on Friday, March 18th!

Director Tom McCarthy and Paul Giamatti on the set of WIN WIN Photo Credit: Kimberly Wright TM and © 2010 Twentieth Century Fox.

We’ll have more from this wonderful looking film so Stay Tuned.  In the mean time, here is the trailer for Win Win.




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