SXSW Bound with Director Jay Rosenblatt

5 03 2011

Director Jay Rosenblatt has been enriching our view of film for the past 30 years, with just over 25 films made.  His films captivate because they can seem so personal and yet they appeal to such a wide variety of people.  His film D Train will have its World Premiere at SXSW in just over a week.  Jay was kind enough to chat with PSD about his career.

Jay with his, now 10 year old, daughter Ella.

Jay’s beginnings are rooted in the bustling Brooklyn borough and yet refined in the mystifying fog of San Francisco.

We talked about his first film classes when he attended the University of Oregon for his Masters in Counseling Psychology.

Jay talked about what elements of filming that so intrigued him.

He expanded on his experiences at film school out at San Francisco State University.

His Thesis film would be PARIS X2 which would be his first film in color.

B & W Still from  Paris X 2 (1988) Directed by Jay Rosenblatt.

Jay talked about how his background in counseling and therapy has been evident in a number of his films.

Short of Breath (1991).  Directed by Jay Rosenblatt.

Its intriguing to notice that those films about therapy do have a more autobiographical feel.

One of Jay’s most well-known films is a riveting look at dictators on a human level.  Jay discussed his incredible film,  Human Remains.

Here is a short section from that powerful film.

Jay and I talked about how he’d leaped from a film about dictators to a film about someone on the other spectrum of good and evil.

In the earlier 2000s, Jay would have someone come into his life that would change his career once again.

Jay with his daughter Ella in the film, Beginning Filmmaking.

Here is a gripping scene from the Phantom Limb.

You can see more of Jay’s films here.

Also for more information about The D Train which World Premieres at SXSW on March 15th.

We’ll continue our discussion with Jay about Phantom Limb, Ella, and of course jump into his SXSW bound film D Train.  Check back next weekend for the second part of our chat with Director Jay Rosenblatt.




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