Upstart Productions Cinema Series Presents: HOLD

27 02 2011

Upstart Productions presented Director Frank Mosley and Writer/Actor Robby Storey’s gripping film HOLD at the American Beauty Mills Lofts.

PSD favorites Frank “Mizzle” Mosley and Robby Storey ,with lead actress Stephanie Rhodes, were on hand for a Q & A following the screening of their film.  But before we jump into the Q & A, today happens to be a special day for Stephanie so lets open things up the right way.

The Q & A opened with the history behind Robby and Frank.

Frank and Robby on Good Morning Texas in SHARP HD.  Quality!

The film itself was filmed over two different shoots.

The film itself is an extremely tense drama about the impact rape can have on a loving couple.  Robby plays Alan Marsh and Stephanie plays his wife Laura.  The cast honed their on-set chemistry with a strong rehearsal process.

And of course PSD favorite Cinematographer Ron Gonzalez was showcasing his amazing skills.

Now the birthday girl had worked with both Frank and Robby before.

Stephanie Rhodes as Laura Marsh and Robby Storey as Alan Marsh.

The film itself has no music track and so the impact of that silence, along with the silent moments between dialogue, gives the film an extremely tense emotional blanket.

The subject matter does deal with a serious and sad attack and yet the film’s purpose is to show us the battle that goes on in the Marsh’s post-rape life.  The guys talk about the importance of the story to the film.

Now I’d like to share this last clip with you all, but it does contain major elements of the story.  In other words, SPOILER ALERT!!

Frank Mosley with Backyard Movies 2011.  Photo by Laidric Stevenson.

Here is the trailer to the film.

Now Frank and Robby need your help with their next film project, HOT-COLD.  Please take the time to visit their Indiegogo page and help out.  PSD will have some pretty amazing posts about this awesome film and I can’t wait to share it all with you over the next few months.




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