Tales from the Texas Theatre with Director Geoff Marslett

23 02 2011

Director Geoff Marslett has been traveling all over the world promoting his fantastic film MARS.  The film and its Director made it over to the Texas Theatre the other night.  Enjoy the in-depth Q & A that Geoff had with his captivated Dallas audience.

Each “Tales from the Texas Theatre” post will showcase another element to the historic theater.  This post I wanted to shout out to the AMAZING artwork that is showcased through out the theater.

Texas Theatre Interior with pictures.  Photo by Director Geoff Marslett.

Mix in great films, great artwork and some quality “cheap” booze = GOOD TIMES.

Hell the fellas that run the ol’ Texas Theatre will even setup bars upstairs if you ask them nicely.

BUT makes sure you stay away from the Balcony…at least till they open it up (or so I’ve heard they are still planning on doing one day!!!).  In other words its just fun to go see all the crazy things at the Theater.  You will for sure run into one of the four head honchos and the bar keeps always “hook it up”!!  Lets get back to our Austin Buddy, Geoff Marslett and his film MARS.

The film stars talented comic actor Mark Duplass, Zoe Simpson, Paul Gordon, and includes Cynthia Watros, Kinky Friedman, and Howe Gelb.  Geoff was kind enough to really open up about almost every element of his film.  Lets start with the true space story that inspired Geoff’s original idea.

From that initial thought, Geoff  would add the universal theme of love mixed in with the animation process used on a previous short film (Bubblecraft) and that would lay the foundation for MARS.

Now this would end up being extremely time consuming and Geoff’s schedule was so totally crazy.

The animation element of the film caused for an intriguing “green” screen atmosphere on set.  Geoff talked about one of the interesting issues with filming with green screen.

Another element of the green screen shoot was the fact that props are a bit different.

Geoff talked about one of the wilder stunts that the team tried to pull off!!

The Bob that Geoff is talking about is Producer Robert Howell.  Here Bob is with Geoff at the Texas Theatre.

Producer Bob Howell and Director Geoff Marslett (sitting in Oswald famous seat).

I asked Geoff about one of the more unique scenes in the film.

Zoe Simpson (Casey), Underwater Camera Operator Jess Haas, and Director Geoff Marslett.

The film’s music was composed by a talented friend of Geoff’s, Howe Gelb who also played Shep in MARS.  Geoff talks about the greatness of Howe.

Another great cameo character in the film is Jean Oliver Tchouaffe who plays the US Press Secretary.  His role is short but easily one of the funniest in the film and Geoff talks a bit more about his fellow UT professor.

Speaking of funny characters in MARS, Paul Gordon plays the extremely dry Captain Hank Morrison.  That dry sense of humor became a great joke on the set and Geoff even gives his “Paul” impression!!

Paul Gordon, writer/director/star of The Happy Poet with Geoff.  Photo by – Alicia Van Couvering of Filmmaker Magazine.

I’ll end this ‘Tales from the Texas Theatre’ with Geoff’s awesome story behind the title of the film!!

Producer Bob Howell, Director Geoff Marslett and Texas Theatre’s Barak Epstein deep inside of the TT!!

Check out more about Mars, Geoff and the upcoming screenings at Swerve Pictures.

Also become part of the family and “Like” the Mars Facebook page and the Texas Theatre’s page as well.




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