Tales from the Texas Theatre with Director Bryan Poyser

21 02 2011

Director Bryan Poyser gets the Soto Boy Design + Illustration treatment!!

When you get the “Soto Brothers” respect, its almost like you’ve now made it into the cool club.  Director Bryan Poyser has been in the “industry” for 15 plus years slaving over thoughtful dramas that really push your buttons.  Bryan was showcasing his latest feature, Lovers of Hate, at the always rowdy Texas Theatre.  I was able to sit down with the talented director and discuss his two feature films.

I love taking a specific route to the Texas Theatre.  With its history connected to the JFK assassination, I feel like I owe it to the ghosts in our fair ‘burg to travel along the route!  You see anytime I head to Oak Cliff to see something Kick Ass at the TT.  I head for Downtown Dallas, I take Field or Griffin (depends on which arm I’m leaning on while driving to be honest) to Elm Street.  I take Elm West until I hit Houston Street.   Along this route you pass the Renaissance Tower, El Centro College, the infamous Sixth Floor Museum and the historic oldest building in Dallas the John Neely Bryan Cabin, and then you take a Left on Houston Street.  Why is important to take that left, well if you continue on Elm you’ll end up driving right over, BAM!!!, (oops sorry I always do that) the spot where President John F. Kennedy was famously shot while driving through our downtown.  So yeah make sure to take it left or be prepared to lose your head or end up naked (shout out to Erykah Badu, yeah!).  Anyways on Houston going south you pass a few Dallas county Courthouses, The Old Red Courthouse, Hotel St. Lawrence and just as your about to get onto the viaduct over the trinity you go pass the Dallas Morning News building.  The Viaduct takes you across our BEAUTIFUL(!) Trinity River and onto Zang Blvd.  You take Zang all the way to Oakcliff and your smack dab in the heart of  sweet Oakcliff.  I always feel welcomed here, because I always imagine this on the Bank of America building.

O holy night!

But the real treat is always to end up out at the Texas Theater where you’re never sure who the heck might show up?!?!

I think that blur is Marty and Doc melding together after so many jumps into time!

But I’d like to now share with you the visit of Austin-based Director Bryan Poyser to the Texas Theatre.  He was showing his latest feature, Lovers of Hate, which is playing a few more times this week!!  And then he was also playing his first feature film,  Dear Pillow (a rare showing!).

Dear Pillow is a provocative film that deals with an intriguing threesome of actors.  That aspect of the triangle is something important to Bryan’s films.

In Dear Pillow and Lovers of Hate we have the dynamic of two dueling male figures and the women that come between them.  For his first feature length film, Dear Pillow (he’s made numerous shorts as well), the dynamic is based around making an amateur adult film.  But the real intriguing part of Bryan’s films is just how powerful the female characters are in the movies.  For Dear Pillow, Viviane Vives showcases a raw sexuality that she is open and brazen about.  Bryan explained the impact of such a strong female character like Viviane’s Lorna.

On the same strong female level is Heather Kafka‘s role of Diana in Lovers of Hate.  Bryan explains how Heather really wanted to make sure that her character came across as more of a figure then just the cheating ex-wife.

The Lovers of Hate talented trio Alex Karpovsky, Heather Kafka, and Chris Doubek.

Another unique element in both of Bryan’s feature films is the way he utilizes the struggles of the writer.

The dialogue in Bryan’s films is just so well written and allows for his talented cast to dominate in their roles.  With his talented writing being strong, the rehearsal process is more about the characters mingling well.  One of the ways Bryan accomplished such tight knit trios, in his films, is to push them into unique rehearsals.

In Lovers of Hate, the film’s setting is a beautiful Utah home of a “buddy” of Bryan’s and its easily one of the more unique aspects to the film.

Bryan talks about what the impact of filming in the beautiful home and how it helped bring his cast and crew together.

Do you notice that 2010 Sundance logo?  Or how about in the info list a few names like Jay and Mark Duplass?  Well Lovers of Hate has had one hell of journey for Bryan and company.

The film is nominated for the John Cassavetes Award at the upcoming Spirit Awards.  Make sure to tune in this upcoming weekend and see if Bryan and the LofH family win!!! Bryan and I discussed the bold choices he makes in his films.

It was such a blast to catch up with the talented director and discuss his films.  Bryan’s been on crutches for a little while and as he is about to be really busy I was curious if his gimp leg would hinder him?

Director Bryan Poyser with Eric Steele (one of the awesome foursome that runs the Texas Theatre and a filmmaker himself).

Bryan discussed what his future plans are and how they start really soon!

Now you can go see LOVERS OF HATE at the Texas Theatre through Thursday evening.

Here is the trailer to LofH!!

Stay tuned as well have more Tales from the Texas Theatre later in the week and of course we’ll keep you updated on the talented Director Bryan Poyser.




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17 11 2011
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