NickCasey Band Round 2

20 02 2011

Tomorrow night the NICKCASEY Band will dominate the Rockwood Music Hall.  Here is part two of the chat I had with the talented duo.

We left off from the last interview by discussing the meaning behind, IN HIS HOUSE the second track on NICKCASEY’s debut album CAN’T REASON THROUGH LOVE!.  The guys did give a bit more of a deeper response to the meaning behind the song.

The boys then talked about one of the songs from the album that has been made into a music video by Jef Taylor and Michael Tisdale.

The video itself has a talented group of dancers too and a specific person was asked to choreograph the video.

Here is their video for Bandages.

Now the record itself is a wonderful mixture and it has a bold beginning.  The opening tune, CAN YOU GUESS MY WEIGHT?, is a free flowing track that last 8 minutes.  The guys talk about opening their debut album with such a long song.

In a complete contrast the record ends with the shortest tune.  Now this wasn’t the real reason why they ended the album with the song, EVERYTHING HAS LEVELED.

Now the other major video shot by the Leaky Tent fellas was a wild one-take shoot of actress Alison Pill absolutely destroying poor Nick’s room, sorta.

How about just checking out the awesome video!!!

Tomorrow night is the band’s monthly residence at the Rockwood Music Hall second stage and the boys are happy to be playing at such a great venue in NYC.

So venture on over tomorrow night and see the boys play.  They’ve already started to head over.



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