Exclusive Interview The Brehms Part 3

9 02 2011

This upcoming Monday evening is Valentine’s Day!!  Have you figured out what to do?  Do you want to treat your significant other or maybe even find that special someone?  Well make plans to spend your evening with The Brehms at the Contemporary Theater Dallas! Here is our final part to the interview with Stephanie and David Brehm.

David Brehm, Gino Iglehart, Stephanie Brehm, Young Heo, and unseen Darwin Martin (just his hand).

Gotta give Darwin his props!!

David and Stephanie talk about playing a Valentine’s Day specific show.

Stephanie talks about working with talented musicians and even talks about the wonderful musicians that will be at the show!!

Stephanie in green dress, Brina Palencia in black dress, Bryan Meggison on Sax and Young Heo on Bass on Good Morning Texas!

Drummer Gene Glover

David and Stephanie talk about an upcoming web based show called Connecting The Dots.

Stephanie talked about her other work in the voice over community.

The Brehms discuss their future plans and shout out Taama.

David was awesome enough to tell a great story of his love for the San Antonio Spurs and how this impacted his meeting Mark Cuban.

Check out the Brehms on MYSPACE, FACEBOOK or their website.

And make sure to grab their cd!!

As a final treat here is the Brehms singing “No Turning Back” from their debut album!




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