Exclusive Interview with NICKCASEY Band

8 02 2011

Nicholas Webber and Casey Spindler of NICKCASEY.  Photo by Eve Reinhardt.

Nicholas Webber and Casey Spindler make up a talented duo that is on the verge of breaking big and bursting out of Brooklyn.  The guys chatted about their theater backgrounds, their debut album, and the stories behind the music.  PSD would like to introduce you to the NICKCASEY Band.

Nick and Casey.  Photo by Eve Reinhardt.

A mix of Bruce Springsteen style, Ryan Adams pace and a bit of Dylan (more Jacob and the Wallflowers then ol’ man Bob) and you have this talented duo’s sound identified.  But before we jump into the sound of the band and the incredible debut album, lets chat about where these guys are from.

The guys expanded on how they connected musically while in Scotland.

The guys eventually made it to the Big Apple.  And Nick and Casey talk about how they ended up in Brooklyn.

Casey and Nick.  Photo by Eve Reinhardt.

The guys write on their own and bring their material together to discuss what they have.  I asked them about when and where they write and the guys gave a unique answer.

Yeah, I could tell they were giving me the run around.  So we got to talking about their collaboration with filmmakers Jef Taylor and Michael Tisdale.

Casey and Nick at the The Living Room, photo by Rick Poston.

For their actual album, CAN’T REASON THROUGH LOVE, the guys approached GRAMMY winning Producer, Engineer and Mixer Chris Shaw.  Nick and Casey talked about working with Chris.

Casey talks about the whole Electric Lady Studios experience.

The guys talked about where the album title, CAN’T REASON THROUGH LOVE, came from.

Casey and Nick even went a little more in-depth with the meaning behind the album.

The guys are having their Rockwood Music Hall residence show on February 20th.

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite songs on the album, Ditch in the Yard.

I hope you’ll take a listen, enjoy the music and come back next week to PSD.  We’ll have part 2 of our chat with the fellas.  But as a teaser to that greatness I’d like to share with you one of the wonderful stories behind one of their songs.  The second song on the album is titled, In His House.  Its a great tune, Nick goes off on the piano and its just a crazy story about a guy having an affair with a lady.  Well, I’ll finish this part of the interview with the real story behind the song.

Check back next week for part two!!!




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