Exclusive Interview: Director Bradley Jackson part 2

7 02 2011

Last time, we left off with Bradley introducing his latest film, The Man Who Never CriedBradley and I discussed almost every aspect of making the film and I am pleased to share with you this enlightening look into his film.

Star of The Man Who Never Cried, Keir O’Donnell and Director Bradley Jackson.

We started off with the changes that the Doorpost Film Project put into place for this year’s competition.

Keir O’Donnell prepping for a shot.

Along with Keir O’Donnell the film stars the lovely Jess Weixler, the tale of how she was cast points to a director, producer and co-founder of the Seattle International Film Festival.

Dan Ireland on the set of The Whole Wide World.

Well then how did you cast Jess Weixler?

Jess Weixler in The Man Who Never Cried.  Photo by Ryan Green.

Bradley talked about those specific days.

Bradley talks about what it was like working with kids.

One of the more dynamic characters in the short film is one you never see.  The narrator has always been something either perfect for a film or extremely distracting quality to a film.  Recently films like 500 Days of Summer have revitalized the narrator as a quirky and presentable character.

The Narrator is spoken by talented actor/comedian Mike MacRae.  The St. Louis native has his own connection to Oil City, in its where he went to College (Rice) and honed his comedy chops at the Houston favorite Laff Store.

Mike MacRae ladies and gentlemen.

In the film though the really emotional sequence to end the film is quite amazing.  Bradley talked about that day on set.

Later this week the team behind The Man Who Never Cried will know if they are the 2011 Doorpost Film Project winners.

Speaking of those bigger things, Bradley talks about whats upcoming.

Check out The Man Who Never Cried on Facebook.




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