Exclusive Interview with Director Jeremy Konner

4 02 2011

Director Jeremy Konner photo by Eric Haase.

Critically acclaimed Director Jeremy Konner has made us rethink history with his hysterical series Drunk History that he created with Derek Waters.  He’s also helped showcase the real side of Tenacious D and even recently has given us the newest look of the band She and Him.  Overall this bold funny man is reinventing the way we look at the world around us.  Jeremy was kind enough to have a nice long chat about his career and I hope you enjoy the candid look inside.

Jeremy just returned to LA from Sundance where his short film, The Majestic Plastic Bag, premiered.  The film is a genius take on a incredible journey of a solitary plastic bag.  Before we jump into the Jeremy Irons narrated ad for change, I’d like to let Jeremy tell you where his journey began.

Throughout Jeremy’s career he’s been able to watch talented directors bring to life films and one of the earliest directors to work with was Todd Solondz.

Jeremy talked about the major lesson he took from that early job as location assistant on  Storytelling.

The next step in Jeremy’s education was as the Visual Effects Coordinator for the well done 60’s set drama American Dreams.

Jeremy has something awesome to say about Network dramas.

Now a unique job is also a wonderful way to learn the craft.  And Jeremy had one hell of a cool boss.

Obviously being able to know TENACIOUS FUCKING D(!!)  can have its great advantages and joys.  Pretty Bad Ass to have been able to make the open D Tour: A Tenacious Documentary.

Jeremy has also known Simon Helberg and Derek Waters forever.

O and then next the guys would get people drunk!!

Now Jeremy‘s favorite episode is quite a genius one!

That Episode is Solid.  Well if you’ve had an issue with cursing then you don’t want to play this video.  But if you like to laugh and are human then just push play.

Jeremy just returned from Sundance because his short film The Majestic Plastic Bag premiered at Park City.

Jeremy talked about how long it took to shoot the moving tale.

Here is the trailer to that wonderful short film, The Majestic Plastic Bag.

One of those epic scenes that you saw above in the trailer was when a KILLER YORKIE attacked our Majestic Plastic Bag.

The short has a style that is clearly an homage to Sir David Attenborough’s famous documentary pace and vernacular.

Jeremy was extremely candid about his experiences at film festivals like Sundance.

Now the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which actually wraps up on Super Bowl Sunday, is a great venue for a film.

Great photo by Quint from Aint It Cool.com.

Jeremy’s been quite busy so far as he also had time to direct the video for Zooey Deschanel’s band She and Him.

And here is their most recent video, Don’t Look Back.

Jeremy talks about what projects he has upcoming and also commented on the well respected and award winning commercial company Partizan.

I hope you’ve enjoy our chat with Director Jeremy Konner.




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