Exclusive Interview with The Brehms.

2 02 2011

I know its a bit early to be talking about Valentine’s Day with the Super Bowl kicking off this weekend, but seriously I’ve got a great idea for you.  I mean ok once you get over the fact that Prince is sliding across ice in Addison waiting for his show or Puff Daddy is wondering who all to invite to his SB Par-tay.  Well let me ease your worries and help you out with what to do on February 14th aka Valentine’s Day aka the day that guys fear the most!!!  The lush and vibrant sounds of The Brehm Band are here to make it all better.  At the Brehms, along with a group of special guests, will make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one.  I was able to have a lovely dinner with Stephanie and David Brehm the real life married couple who are also the namesake of the band.  I hope you enjoy an intimate look at one of Dallas’ finest two pieces.

The hybrid funk/jazz/soul sound of the husband and wife team is one of the most unique and entertaining around.  You’ll obviously fall in love with Stephanie’s lush and enticing range and the speedy blues-esque riffs of David’s guitar create a hell of a unity in sound.  To really get to the heart of who these two people really are I had to start with their interesting childhoods.  David grew up in San Antonio and started out talking about his amazing and talented Grandmother.

Stephanie, on the other hand, grew up in a more religious setting, but she herself had a hugely talented musical influence.

Now Stephanie does share the vocal quality of her mother and Stephanie talked about that.

Stephanie talked about how she first came to audition for David’s band.

Now I know this is suppose to have a Valentine’s theme to it, but hold onto your horses.  They didn’t actually start dating for quite a long time.

David’s musical talents were showcased much later on then anyone would expect.

That’s right readers/listeners our boy David is a member of the Mean Green, KAH!  In other words, he’s an alum of the University of North Texas and specifically the school’s legendary(!) music program.

That’s right!  KAH!!!

Just after graduating David was in a few local Denton bands, but he’d be pushed back home after the departure of a key member of the band.

So David would trek backwards to figure his way back into the art world.

Now that “so on and on” is actually numerous years at the Art Institute of Dallas and onto a groundbreaking local animation company called DNA Productions.  Don’t worry David talks about this more in a bit, but I really want to hammer home the fact that we both know where you should be this Valentine’s Day.  So back to the love story.

And now his version.

Here they talk about the three years before they figured out they should be together.

So remember Valentine’s Day, that’s two Mondays away!  Treat yourself or your loved one to a wonderful evening with this awesome band and check back tomorrow as I’ll share more of the chat with the Brehms.  And here is one more treat from the Brehms.




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2 02 2011

Gadi, It was a real treat getting to meet you and hope to see you again very soon.

All the best,

PS. Be careful during all your travels this week.

2 02 2011
Taama Forasiepi

What a fantastic group of vocals and musicians! Love the history and depth of you article! Great work.

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