Exclusive Interview: Director Bradley Jackson

1 02 2011

Texan Director/Writer Bradley Jackson is another UT film grad making amazing films.  His latest film, The Man Who Never Cried, is a finalist for the Doorpost prize.  Bradley chatted with PSD about his Houston days and just how he became a film-maker.

Director Bradley Jackson and Hairy Friend.

Bradley hails from Houston, Texas and he was kind enough to talk about the first time he remembers falling in love with movies.

It wasn’t till High School and a particular trip to California that Bradley would first get a taste of film making.

The next logical step would be which film school and Bradley talks about how he ended up in Austin.

Bradley talks about the moment when he realized that his UT days were the right choice indeed.

The initial impulse to make films started from a simple goal to make you laugh.

One of the great opportunities for Bradley came about from working with Director Scott Rice for a project that was showcased to our buddies at the Austin Film Festival.

From there Bradley would meet his current team.

Producer Russell Wayne Groves, Bradley Jackson, Producer Andrew Lee, and Director/Editor David Ward.

Bradley talks about the Doorpost competition and just how that team has made film after film that has been part of the Doorpost Film Project.

Its not just a sturdy crew behind Bradley, but a talented cast in front of the camera that has made Bradley’s work stand out.  Bradley talked about one of his lead actors John Ramsey, who had become a friend through another avenue of entertainment.

Then they went on to make the film, Play Land which also stars John Ramsey.

Here is the trailer for Play Land.

Bradley’s next film would be I Love You, Will Smith.

Check back on Monday for part 2 of our chat with Director Bradley Jackson.  We discussed his most recent doorpost film, a finalist for the top prize, The Man Who Never Cried.  The film stars Keir O’Donnell and Jess Weixler.  Make sure to check back for part two, as Bradley got in depth about this incredibly moving film and told some amazing stories from the film!!!  Here’s the film’s trailer.




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