Acorn Media Group Presents: Pie In The Sky, Series 4

31 01 2011

Funny Chef/Detective Henry Cabbe, played brilliantly by Richard Griffiths, is at his usual best in Series 4 of Pie In The Sky.

Acorn Media‘s latest DVD release group, January 25th 2011, includes the two dvd set of Pie In The Sky, Series 4.  By this point in the show Henry’s restaurant has started to gain its own flavor and character.  He still has his wife Maggie, played by Maggie Steed, and the usual group of former convicts helping out in the restaurant.  Assistant Chief Constable Freddy Fisher (Malcolm Sinclair, Casino Royale), is determined to keep his best detective on the payroll, tackling the cases that only Crabbe’s deft touch can solve.

Series 4 Episodes:

Devils on Horseback (Part One), Devils on Horseback (Part Two), Chinese Whispers, New Leaf, Breaking Bread, Gary’s Cake.

Street: January 25, 2011
SRP: $39.99M
DVD 2-Disc Set: 6 episodes – Approx. 296 min. SDH subtitles

Acorn Media previously released the series on DVD with Series 1 (May 2009) and Series 2 (January 2010) in 3-volume boxed sets, $49.99. Series 3 debuted September 2010 in a 2-disc set, $39.99.

This series is a real treat.  The first two episodes (a two-part episode), Devils on Horseback 1 & 2 are great at putting this series at a new level.  The story revolves around a massive brawl at a local pub and those fighters starting to be found killed.  The two part episode also relies on ex-con chef Gary Palmer, played by Nicholas Lamont, ability to battle the usual “looks” and concern’s over his criminal past (this is a theme throughout the series).  It appears in Series 4 that Henry’s love of food is starting to shine brighter and his search for tarragon is just as important as finding the killers in the series.  You’ll really capture why Henry is so beloved by the folks in the quirky town of Middleton.  The final episode, Gary’s Cake, is a marvel and a wonderful way to end the series and push the final series.

“As much a pleasure for culinary enthusiasts as it is for crime fans”—The Times

I second that notion!! 




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