Acorn Media Group Presents: Man In a Suitcase, Set 1

26 01 2011

For the first time on DVD on our North American shores this classic espionage thriller is available through Acorn Media Group.

With the recent batch of releases from Acorn Media Group on January 25th, 2011, this gem of old-school spy-thriller is available for the first time here in North America.

Richard Bradford (The Untouchables) stars as “Mac” McGill, a cynical yet honest spy who has been disavowed by his American bosses and is on the run from a host of international enemies.  Written by veteran writers Dennis Spooner and Richard Harris the show is  packed with tension and Cold War intrigue.   Man in a Suitcase had national broadcast exposure on ABC in 1968.  Set 1 includes the first 15 episodes of this engaging and stylish series.

Overall you’ll really love the fact that McGill is a beaten and abused agent.  In almost every episode the surely spy is either beaten up, drugged, or shot.  Its quite amazing to just pace along as you’re constantly wondering if they really could kill off the lead of the show this early.  Richard Bradford is seen in almost every scene and though he does change over the life of the show, he’s one of the more hard-headed spies you’ll ever come across.   The show isn’t so much a “cute and fun” thriller show, but rather tried to showcase the gritty real nature of espionage.  The DVD is of the first 15 episodes in the series.

Street: January 25, 2011
DVD 4-Disc Set: 15 episodes – Approx. 779 min. – British drama
Bonus Features: Photo gallery
SRP: $59.99

Look its really simple, IF YOU DON’T CHECK THIS SHOW OUT.  McGill will come after you.





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