Acorn Media Presents: The Agatha Christie Hour, Set 2

24 01 2011

Agatha Christie’s short fiction comes alive in The Agatha Christie Hour, Set 2, debuting on DVD from Acorn Media on January 25, 2011.

Acorn Media Group debuted Set 1 of The Agatha Christie Hour in July of 2010.  The full hour show was originally produced by Thames Productions in 1982.

Set 2 is split into two discs which cover 5 total episodes totaling just over 260 minutes of a mysteriously good time.

Magnolia Blossom:  Surprisingly limited tale of a wife searching for happiness outside of her doomed marriage.  Of all five of the episodes this one lacks the full mystery feeling you’d expect from the Queen of Crime.  Beautifully shot though lacking a really captivating story.
The Mystery of the Blue Jar:  Robin Kemode plays Jack Hartington a young clerk who aspires to be a lawyer and a good golfer.  The story revolves around the busy schedule of Robin and a mysterious “ghost” screaming for murder.  The super-natural has always been something “debunked” in Christie’s work and this story is no different.  Though it is quite entertaining to witness the truth unfold.
The Red Signal:  A dinner party/séance does sound like a lot of fun and this episode does go through the motions quite well.  Easily the most dangerous villains of the full set, but its also the quietest episodes.  Overall a unique story that has a villain that could be fully realized in a longer “movie” like setting.
Jane in Search of a Job:  A funny tale of a young lady, Jane Cleveland (Elizabeth Garvie), who is searching for her place in society and trying to make some type of earning.  Of course Jane’s lovable quirky character is transformed into a spy-type character and the fun ensues.  The most enjoyable pace and a great sense of humor make this one of the best of the set.
The Manhood of Edward Robinson:  Easily my favorite of the episodes.  Edward Robinson (Nicholas Farrell) is a henpecked recently engaged man who lucks his way into a wild adventure.  The constant bulling of Edward by Maud (Ann Thornton) his mean fiance.  The action truly sets up in the second half and carries you through a fun joyous ride.  You’ll love Lady Noreen Elliot (Cherie Lunghi) who is quite gorgeous and enchanting.  This episode is worth the price of the whole set.

Street: January 25, 2011
SRP: $39.99
DVD 2-Disc Set: 5 episodes – Approx. 260 min. – British mystery – SDH subtitles
BONUS: Biography of Agatha Christie

Headquartered in suburban Washington, D.C., Acorn Media distributes distinctive home video releases to the North American market with a special focus on the best of British television. Acorn’s DVD sets are available from select retailers, catalog companies, and direct from Acorn Media at (888) 870-8047 or




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