Exclusive Interview: Director Michelle Latimer part 1

20 01 2011

Canadian director Michelle Latimer is going to hold her short film’s world premiere at Sundance later this weekend.  Michelle was kind enough to chat about just how she made it all the way to Sundance.

Michelle was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, which just so happens to be where David Letterman’s right hand man, Paul Shaffer, is also from.  The crazy thing is that I let Michelle know that Paul Shaffer actually graduated from the same University, of North Texas, as I did.  Well Michelle would surprise me right out the gate and talk about her connection to Texas.

Michelle talked about what it was like when she was back in Thunder Bay.

The Arts only really came to Michelle when she first started doing theater.

The University would be where Michelle first got in front of the cameras.

Michelle landed a leading role on PARADISE FALLS where she played Trish Simpkin for 101 episodes over 7 years.

Michelle (Trish Simpkin) top row second from the left.

Michelle’s character Trish was quite a bad girl.

In 2004, not only would Michelle have a role in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, but she’d act in a bold improvisational television show called Train 48.

Michelle also applies a big amount of her time to expanding her film community.  One way that she’s done that is to program film festivals like, The ImagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival and Hot Docs International Film Festival.

Michelle explains why she helps out with organizations like the Winnipeg Film Group.

Michelle’s film Choke is part of the Indigenous Showcase at Sundance.  She discussed the background behind the film’s story.

Through the film Michelle really got to explore the world of animation with her lead animator, Terril Calder.

Michelle talks about the great relationship the two ladies have built through their work on Choke.

Michelle talked about the people she admires in the film world.

Michelle was awesome enough to give us the scoop on that feature film she’s working on.

Choke will be premiering this upcoming Sunday January 23rd in Park City.  Check back tomorrow to hear more from Michelle about Choke and slew of other fun things!!!  If you don’t I’ll get Michelle to let this Old Man STALK you.




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