Exclusive Interview: Mary Jane Skalski part 2

18 01 2011

In a matter of days Mary Jane Skalski will be back at Sundance with two films, Dee Rees’ Pariah and Tom McCarthy’s Win Win.  Here is part 2 of our exclusive interview with the highly acclaimed producer.

In part 1 of our conversation with Producer Mary Jane Skalski I hinted at her boldness.  Well Mary Jane’s first award in the film industry, Cable Ace Award, came about because Good Machine took on a documentary called  Wonderland.

Mary Jane opened the Millennium with a short film for Brooklyn director Noah Baumbach and she recalls just how much fun it was to be part of it all.

Mary Jane shared a crazy moment from the shoot of Frank Whaley‘s film  The Jimmy Show.

Once again James Schamus would have a major influence on what Mary Jane would do during her free time.

Mary Jane and I of course talked about her long history on film festivals, in particularly Sundance.

I think its about time we talked about Mary Jane getting her start with Director Tom McCarthy, who has worked with Mary Jane the most number of times (3).

The Station Agent was a run away hit as it took home 22 awards including the BAFTA for Best Screenplay for Tom.  The Writers Guild of America gave Tom Best Original Screenplay and the three main leads in the film (Patricia Clarkson, Peter Dinklage, and Bobby Cannavale) each took home numerous award in 2003-04.  The whole cast took home the Outstanding Performance of a Cast in a Motion Picture at the Screen Actors Guild awards and Patricia and Peter each took home the Best Actor in a Lead Role award.  Mary Jane Skalski would jointly take home the prestigious John Cassavetes Award and she herself would take home the Producer award for The Station Agent and The Jimmy Show from the Independent Spirit Awards.

2004 was indeed a magical year as Mary Jane would also work with talented and avant-garde filmmaker Gregg Araki on his film  Mysterious Skin.

Mary Jane talks about how amazing a Gregg Araki set can be.

For Mary Jane even motherhood hasn’t stopped her from being involved in films, though some directors like Steven Shainberg make it so easier to work.

We talked a lot about her second film with Tom McCarthy,  The Visitor.  Easily one of the best films of the last few years!!!

But lets get to the main things going on in Mary Jane’s life right now.  Pariah is the directorial debut feature film by Dee Rees.

Mary Jane is the Executive Producer on this bold and daring film by Dee Rees.

Also Win Win will be playing at Sundance.  The film stars Paul Giamatti.

Enjoy the two trailers for Pariah.  Help support this bold film about finding one’s identity.




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