Exclusive Interview: Producer Mary Jane Skalski part 1

17 01 2011

With Sundance starting in a few days I think its fitting to share a chat I had with one of the boldest producers out there.  Get to know Mary Jane Skalski

Photo by US Presswire.

The best CB to ever play college football and Mary Jane just happen to have something in common.

Mary Jane talks about how Ann Arbor changed her for the better.

Next up the Big Apple?!?!?

So what then did you do?

James Schamus would forever change Mary Jane’s life.

James Schamus and Ted Hope created Good Machine which would fully introduce us to some pretty amazing film-makers.  Mary Jane talks about her beginning with the company and just how it began.

Producer and Good Machine co-founder Ted Hope.

Co-Founder of Good Machine and current CEO of Focus Features with Director Ang Lee.

On Ang Lee’s Wedding Banquet Mary Jane would be the post-production delivery coordinator.

She would then be a producer on the directorial debut of Sande Zeig with her short film Central ParkEdward Burns own directorial debut,  The Brothers McMullen would jump up next for Mary Jane.

Up Next for Mary Jane would be awards, bold film choices and a PSD favorite Tom McCarthy.  Check back tomorrow for part two of our chat with Producer Mary Jane Skalski.  She has two films at Sundance 2011, Dee Rees directorial debut PARIAH and Director Tom McCarthy’s, the third film with Mary Jane as Producer, Win Win starring Paul Giamatti.




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