Exclusive Interview: Director Jef Taylor Part 2

14 01 2011

Part two of our chat with Director Jef Taylor!!!

Jef’s short film After You Left will be at Sundance in a few days.  The film is a raw improvisational piece that looks at the moments that follow a meaningful relationship’s demise.  Jef and Michael Tisdale gathered a great cast of characters for the sequences Michael’s character Mat fights through.  Jef talks about how that cast was formed and the unique environment that encompasses an improvisational set.

The film follows Michael’s character Mat as he travels amongst friends and in one sequence he’s on a roof with his buddy Garrett.

Michael Tisdale and Garrett Neergaard.

In Part 1 of our interview Jef brought up his days at Savannah College of Art and Design where he concentrated on editing.  Though he learned all of the technical side of film-making while at SCAD,  its apparent in his films just how important the editing process is to him.  After You Left is not only gripping because of the real and raw performances you witness, but they linger because of these well placed cuts.  He even cuts to black for a few seconds here and there.  Its a really bold choice and Jef expands on why.

Jef talks about the locations of the films.

Jolly Abraham and Michael Tisdale.

And yet there is only one sequence in the film that took place at an actual location.

Jef talked about how he wanted to showcase a different side to us MEN.

Jef talks about having his film at Sundance.

It just come down to the fact that Sundance couldn’t refuse this duo.

Jef Taylor as the March Hare and Michael Tisdale as the Mad Hatter back in their Children’s Theatre days.

Here is one of the trailers for After You Left.




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