Exclusive Interview: Director Jef Taylor

13 01 2011

Leaky Tent is a production company created by Filmmakers Jef Taylor and Michael Tisdale to showcase their work.  Jef chatted with PSD about their work so far and what we can look forward to from the talented duo.

Jef and Michael have known each other since they were children and that is where we started our conversation.

Jef then went off to the Savannah College of Art and Design.

He would leave the film school with a extremely unique and ballsy film, COVERAGE.  This film would be the first between the two friends.

Michael Tisdale with Laura Heisler in COVERAGE.

Jef directed and Michael was the lead in the film.

The guys would end up creating Leaky Tent not to long ago to combine their efforts to tell stories in “unique, innovative, and thought-provoking ways”.

Jef talks about the background of his wonderfully heart wrenching short, After You Left.

The other main film from Leaky Tent is a remarkably tragic vignette, adapted from a play by Michael, in which a community talks about the loss of an entire marine platoon.

Goldstar, Ohio is tightly edited by Jef to showcase the different families reactions to the tragedy.  The mixture of true dialogue and wonderfully gripping performances by the actors led to a really moving look at loss.

The Brooklyn music duo NICKCASEY is featured in both of these films and they’ve become collaborators with Jef and Michael.

Photo by Eve Reinhardt.

Jef and I discussed After You Left being Sundance bound and what went into creating the project.

Michael (Mat) with Joanne Tucker (Sara) in After You Left.

Check back tomorrow as we’ll get into the real nuts and bolts of Leaky Tent and Jef opens up about making personal stories like After You Left.



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