Exclusive Interview: Director Michael Mohan part 2

12 01 2011

Part 2 of our Exclusive Interview with Director Michael Mohan.

We left off yesterday by talking about his feature length debut, One Two Many Mornings.  The film was co-written with stars Stephen Hale and Anthony Deptula.  The three guys told an extremely personal tale that straddles the line between offensive humor and lovable heartfelt comedy.  Its showcases how close relationships can cause drastic actions to be taken when the people in the relationships are tested.  One of the more powerful scenes in the film happens during a raucous party in the Church that Stephen’s character Fischer lives in.  There was a stunt involved in this sequence and Michael told me about how this particular stunt was accomplished.

One Too Many Mornings: Anthony Deptula, Edward Flores, Jeanette Baity, and Bridget Moloney.

During the filming of the movie, Michael started working at Dangerbird Records where he further expanded his directing experience by shooting music videos.

For Instance here is Michael’s video with Minus the Bear.

This work in music videos pushed Michael to want to make a short film.  Ex-Sex is a 9 minute short staring Kristen Riley and Jacob Womack.  Michael talked about just how he got his great duo.

The short’s recent buzz and its upcoming premiere in Utah has sparked Michael to expand the idea further.

Michael gets a bit more personal.  I think you’ll appreciate hearing just what this story represents for Michael.

Michael talked about how he’s going to approach the upcoming Sundance experience.

Michael was kind enough to leave the interview with a few wonderful stories and moments.  Michael talked about how one of the more memorable scenes from One Too Many Mornings came about.  All I’ll say is it involved a bowling ball being found on the beach.

And lastly I’d like to share the hilarious way that Michael introduced himself.

Here is the teaser trailer for Michael’s Sundance bound short film, Ex-Sex.




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