Exclusive Interview: Director Michael Mohan part 1

11 01 2011

Director Michael Mohan’s latest short film EX-SEX will be premiering at Sundance 2011 in a few weeks and he was kind enough to chat with PSD about his career.  Here is Part 1 of our interview.

Michael Mohan is originally from a town near Boston, Mass.

So living near but not in Los Angeles has its perks.  For instance Michael went to see a film before its release and it would lead to something quite amazing.

And then…

Well did it work?

Michael talked about this awesome introduction into the film world.

While building other people’s acting reels, Michael was learning the ins and outs of making films.  These shoots also allowed Michael the chance to work with some film buddies he’d work with again and again.

Now eventually the Fox Searchlight gig would fold when the lab shutdown.   Michael would make his way over to the Sundance Institute’s Feature Film Program.  It was there that he’d make a great contact and have the chance to continue to learn about the film making process.

Michelle Satter.  Photo by George Pimentel – © WireImage.com – Image courtesy WireImage.com

I asked Michael when it was that he realized he wanted to make “his” film and not just other people’s work.

“A coming of age comedy about two guys who are way too old to be coming of age”.   Michael explains the process that happened to make this labor of love come true.

Stephen Hale (Fischer) and Anthony Deptula (Peter) in One Too Many Mornings.

Michael talked about the benefits and disadvantages of such a lengthy shoot.

Behind the Scenes of one of the main sets for OTMM,  The Church.

The amazing feeling from the film is that it appears to have an abundance of improvisation, but…

The choice to spend so much time cultivating a story led to a much more personal tale.

And yet through all of this the film has its own behind the scene contradictions.

Tina Kapousis plays Rudy in OTMM.

So the writing process really boiled down to A. What makes Stephen’s character, Fischer, so wheels off.

Stephen Hale plays Fischer in OTMM.

And B.  Andrew character’s bold look at relationships and his choice to escape rather then confront.

Anthony Deptula plays Peter in OTMM.

Now here is a bit more about this wonderful film.

Check back tomorrow as we’ll finish our conversation with this talented young filmmaker and talk about his current Sundance film Ex-Sex.




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