Acorn Media Presents: Enemy at The Door, Series 2

10 01 2011

Torn between defiance and survival.

Enemy at the Door, Series 2 arrives to DVD from Acorn Media on January 4, 2011 as the finale to the gripping WWII drama series. Based on the harrowing true story, Enemy at the Door chronicles the long Nazi occupation of Britain’s Channel Island. The late 1970s series stars Alfred Burke (Public Eye) and Bernard Horsfall (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), and guest stars John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings), Kenneth Cranham (Layer Cake), Stephanie Cole (Doc Martin), and David Hayman (Trial & Retribution).

Even past the incredible acting in the show, its amazing how the mood is so apparent throughout any and ever episode.  The series starts out with a fever pitch.  Its hard to grasp just how this will all unfold.  The way in the first few episodes the characters are always doing multiple tasks while delivering their dialogue sets an immediate “emergency” quality to the show.  And yet the acting is the most subdued and quite of any other later episode.  Alfred Burke is a complete rock of inspiration for his ability to both attract and alienate your sensibilities. The real treat is the inner relationships between the civilians and the military.  Their duel suspicion is also heightened by the difficult relationship of the military personal themselves.  The attention to detail of the show and its amazing cast are the real treats of this wonderful series 2.

Synopsis of the series itself.

Three years into World War II, the German occupation of the Channel Islands continues. On the German side, the pragmatic local commandant, Major Richter, tries to strike a balance between military necessity and good civil relations. However, his efforts are complicated by the recent imprisonment of Dr. Philip Martel, who represented the interests of the Guernsey islanders. And the local SS officer, Hauptmann Reinicke, proves to be a thorn in Richter’s side, always eager to win points with his superiors in Berlin. With the war carrying on, can the fragile harmony between the occupiers and the occupied survive much longer?

Enemy at the Door ran for two series on ITV from 1978-1980 and broadcast in the U.S. on public television. The series was produced by Tony Wharmby (Bones, Lillie) and Michael Chapman (The Bill, Public Eye).

Street: January 4, 2011
DVD 4-Disc Boxed Set: 13 episodes – Approx. 660 min. – British drama
Special Feature: Historical background on the Channel Islands
SRP: $59.99




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