Young Frankenstein at the Winspear!!!

3 01 2011

The master of funny Melvin Kaminsky, aka Mel Brooks, has resurrected that darn monster of his to roam the streets of 17 US cities in 2011.  In other words, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN and his Monster are going to be in DALLAS!!!!!

The award winning Musical will be at the AT&T Performing Arts Center as part of the Lexus Broadway Series.  The big monster, his quirky doctor, and some lovely ladies will be at the big red building aka the beautiful Winspear Opera House.  I hope you’re ready because it kicks off tomorrow night!! The Mel Brooks penned musical is on a 17 city tour that is currently out in Ft. Myers.  If you’re not familiar with one of the funniest people ever, well Mr. Brooks is one of only ten people to have accomplished the famous EGOT.  Win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award and you’ll become #11, though Barbara Streisand and Liza Minnelli may claim that you’d actually be #13.  The only question you should be asking is how can I get tickets to this awesome looking show.

Ok so do you need a little incentive?

Here’s a few shots from previous stops on the tour.

photo by:  Paul Kolnik

Ok how about another fun shot from Paul, this time with those before-mentioned lovely ladies.

Photo Credit:  Paul Kolnik.

I’ll be honest be prepared for a fun time.

In fact the Monster would like to tell you why you should come on out.

Click here for a great message for the monster – and also you can purchase your tickets on the same page.

Check back later this week as we’ll have pictures and a full review of Mr. Brook’s Broadway Hit.




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