Exclusive Interview: Tom Huckabee

22 12 2010

Sunday at the Texas Theatre Director Tom Huckabee will present the world premiere of his film Carried Away.  PSD was able to chat with Tom about this weekend, his amazing cast and crew, his old buddies, and even about his old punk rock days.

The evening I chatted with Tom was  December 9th 2010, when the Texas Theatre had its officially opening with a ribbon cutting.  This marked the first time Tom had been to the historic theater and he talked about how his good buddy, Bill Paxton, making a film about the person that made the Texas Theater so infamous.

Tom talked about the world premiere of his film Carried Away this Sunday.

Now this isn’t the only major showing this month.  New Years Eve will be another Dallas based viewing.

Tom discussed the film and specifically the casting process and how the lead Gabriel Horn is where it all really began.

Juli Erickson, Gabriel Horn and Tom Huckabee.

Now you heard Tom bring up Cinematographer Ron Gonzalez.  For those that don’t remember Ron was actually our site’s first interview and Tom was kind enough to chat about his wonderful DP.

Tom also wanted to talk about how Ron Gonzalez also helped out with another major hire on the crew.

The Carried Away idea has been with Tom for quite a while and he explains why he’ll always have the chance to build on the film.

I had to ask Tom about his wild days in the late 70’s.

Tom elaborated more on those crazy times.

And I ended our conversation by talking about a film he executive produced and was Bill Paxton’s directorial debut.

So remember to venture on out this Sunday.

And here is the inspiration for the artwork used in the world premiere poster.

Come on down to the Texas Theatre on Sunday and finish your X-Mas holiday with the Franklin Family!!!

*All photos in this story are by George Wada unless other wise stated.




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