Exclusive Interview: Topaz Adizes

21 12 2010

Director Topaz Adizes – photo taken by Vanessa Lua.

Bold is the first word that comes to mind after hearing Topaz Adizes story.  He’s traveled the world in search of an identity.  Its that bold identity that will allow Topaz to become someone we all should know.  If you haven’t already known who Director Topaz Adizes is then just keep going.  In other words be bold.

We’ll start our journey with Topaz being a first generation American.

Topaz talks about how after his studies, his travels took him all over the world and his odyssey ended up in NYC on a very particular date.

For most Americans the question of where you were when that tragic day occurred is something that brings up sad memories.  For Topaz he’d just returned home and found out his true passion in life.

This drastic Yin and Yang feeling has been apparent in Topaz’ life prior as well.  His parents divorce forced Topaz to have to travel to see his father.

Director Topaz Adizes – photo taken by Vanessa Lua.

So what is the Americana Project?

He explains what exactly is the documentary Americana.

Topaz talks about having a closer knit group that he relies on when making his films.

Editor Federico Rosenzvit with Director Topaz Adizes.

He also explains how new energy is also important to a successful team.

Now the real bold element of what Topaz has done is the fact he’s made these projects with limited budgets and extremely short shoots.

Topaz talks about what is gained from the Americana film.

He did explain a fundamental difference in his documentary and most other doc’s.

Topaz talks about the importance of film festivals.

Director Topaz Adizes with Dallas Film Society Artistic Director James Faust – photo taken by John Hays.

Now he expands a bit more on what he’s been seeing at festivals.

Producer Sebastian Doggart, Director Adam Hootnick and Director Topaz Adizes.

Topaz does have another interesting project called BOY.

I’ll let Robert Frost sum up the importance of bold filmmakers like Topaz Adizes.

“Freedom lies in being bold. “




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