Exclusive Interview: Director Geoff Marslett

20 12 2010

Director Geoff Marslett has directed many short films that have been shown all across the globe, he’s developed a rotoscoping animation specifically for his feature film MARS, he’s in a karate rock band, and he teaches at UT’s beloved film school.  Yeah he’s that awesome.  Here’s our exclusive interview with the Director.

Instead of starting the interview from Geoff’s early days, I figured we start from his most recent activity and work backwards.  So this past week Geoff’s film MARS, played at the ReRun Gastropub Theater in Brooklyn, NYC.

Now before we jump fully into his funny film MARS, we discussed the first video he used his rotoscoping animation on.  It was a music video for Indie band Pilotdrift.

Geoff explains how the animation has drastically changed from BubbleCraft to MARS.

He then explained where the story originated from and how the expansion to the feature came about.

Now while this is going on Geoff is busy teaching our future filmmakers.

Geoff is an obvious Austin Filmmaker though.

To tackle the film MARS, you need to first take a gander at the talent that Geoff got for his film.  First we discussed his oldest friend in the cast and someone who wear’s many hats on the set.

So what was Howe’s response and how exactly did he get involved with the film’s soundtrack.

The rest of the cast wasn’t as easy to gather up.

Geoff with Mark.

Geoff talks about the rest of the cast.

Geoff talks about how his three leads, worked so well together and he also talks about a Texas favorite.

Now if you’re wondering what is the film like?  Geoff discusses the feel of rotoscoping animation and its connection to other mediums.

Along with James Kochalka’s influence, Geoff discussed other artists that influenced him.

I brought up to Geoff that the Austin film-making community lends itself to a specific and unique style, especially in the animation world.  Geoff expanded on that observation with some more insight into the community’s dynamics.

Well I’d be foolish to not let you in on Geoff’s musical side and just how fun and quirky of a guy he is.

But we’ll end with a recent job change for Geoff and also mention a wonderful award he received last year.  He was awarded the University of Texas’ Board of Regents’ Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award.

And now how about the MARS TRAILER?

MARS – The Movie [HD Trailer] from Geoff Marslett on Vimeo.




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