Texas Theatre Ribbon Cutting.

10 12 2010

Last night the best of people came out to officially open the Texas Theater.  Aviation Cinemas Inc CEO Barak Epstein with filmmakers Eric Steele, Adam Donaghey and Jason Reimer have brought back the historic theater and have plans to make it an important staple venue of Dallas.

* Yeah I know I forgot to take off the date and time.

Mayor Tom Leppert was out to cut the red ribbon and welcome the Texas Theater back to its rightful place as leading south Dallas venue.  The Mayor, battling broken ribs (what a trooper!!),  ended his speech with a powerful message that the arts are very much alive in South Dallas.

A lot of wonderful folks came out.   Dallas Film Society Artistic Director James Faust, Director Tom Huckabee, DO’S Robert Wilonsky and family (by the way his son takes better pictures then me!!), Councilwoman Delia Jasso, Director Blair Rowan, Dallas Film Commission’s Director Janis Burklund, Oliver Stone’s JFK actor Ron Jackson and a slew of important folks in the Dallas Film and Arts scene.

The Texas Theater has been around since 1931, but is most famous for one particular afternoon.  On November 22, 1963 at approximately 1:45 p.m., nearly 15 Dallas police officers converged on the Texas Theatre in search of a man who had entered without paying. That man was Lee Harvey Oswald—President John F. Kennedy’s accused lone assassin. Last night though hopes to be another important date in this historic theater’s lineage.

The theater was adorned with numerous paintings by Clay Stinnett that will be up through December and give the Theater a extremely unique look.  Its a treat to just come out and see the art work, which is purchasable.

I was also able to chat with Director Tom Huckabee who will be bringing his amazing film to the Texas Theater in a few weeks.  Now this marked the first time that Tom had been out to the venue and he told me something pretty great about his buddy Bill Paxton.

Now you’ll just have to wait a few more weeks to hear the rest of the captivating interview with Tom.  We talked about Carried Away, the upcoming world premiere of his film at the Texas Theatre, his actors, his DP, his life, and even about his old punk rocker days with the Huns.

Come on out to Dallas’ historic Texas Theater, its where they caught Oswald.  In fact take a seat…3rd row in the 5th seat!!!!




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