Exclusive Interview with Jared Day part 3

6 12 2010

Enjoy the final part of our 3-part Exclusive Interview with Jared Day.

We last left off with one of Jared’s passions.  The world of Magic is centered in Los Angeles with the Magic Castle.  Jared talks about being a member of this respected community.

It was Jared’s magic skills that pushed Joshua Weigel to cast Jared as a magician in The Door Post prize winning short film, The Butterfly Circus.  This incredible film is something you should check out for the amazing tale of hope that it showcases.  In it Eduardo Verastegui plays Mr. Mendez the ring leader of the Butterfly CircusDoug Jones plays the dynamic character of Otto.  And the film is about how Eduardo’s Circus is a place to highlight the talents rather then make fun of.  Its a truly moving picture.  Jared shared a really great story of his time with Eduardo.

Jared’s drive and motivation is built on a strong belief system.  Its Jared’s belief that has pushed him to continue to expand.

Jared isn’t just saying these things, he’s doing something.  He’s created Yes I can Now.

He discussed just how long he’s had this desire to help people.

Its that desire and strong belief system that’s gotten Jared to approach each day as its his last.  He fights for the passions in his life.  Jared wanted to share his newest action demo reel just for you wonderful PSD followers.



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