Exclusive Interview with Jared Day part 2

30 11 2010

Jared has arrived in LA.  He’s set his mind on acting, magic, and helping people.  The more and more I get to know Jared the more I’m impressed with his ability to treat each day as its his last.

In fact last night we talked about how the only way to truly get something done is to believe you won’t have another chance.  Its easily been the mantra that has pushed Jared all the way to the city of angels.  As you remember that was his ultimate goal.  Once you’ve gotten to that moment of fulfilling your ultimate goal, then what?

So what extra work did Jared first get that made things click for him?

That British director is Charles McDougall who has directed episodes of QUEER AS FOLK, SEX AND THE CITY, the pilot for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and THE OFFICE.  Jared’s next step would happen through the 168 festival, which is a christian based festival that helps young filmmakers.  And here is how Jared got to his incredible role of Thomas in Joshua Weigel’s LIV.

Jared talks about the audition and the emotional level he had to tap into for this performance.

Jared talks about the length of the shoot.

Jared with Josh discussing the emotional couch sequence.

Jared discusses what it was like to film such an emotionally draining film.

Not only did Liv have the built in prestige of being a door post project but this film led to the Weigels’ (Josh and Rebekah) next major project, The Butterfly Circus (which Jared had a small role in as well).  Jared talks about the reaction to LIV.

Speaking of Jared’s great Demo Reel!!

Jared shared the other side of his talent.  Magic?

Jared talks about what type of Magic he likes to do the most.

Jared’s passion to help people has pushed his latest endeavor.  YesIcannow.info is Jared project to give young people the help to succeed in everyday life.  Our final part of Jared’s interview will discuss more about this endeavor and where this passion comes from.  We’ll also talk a bit more about just how talented a magician Jared is.




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