Exclusive Interview with Jared Day part 1.

29 11 2010

I was able to witness an extremely moving performance in Joshua Weigel’s short film LIVJared Day played Thomas a young man battling with pain and Liv changes his grasp on his surroundings.  I’d like to share a conversation I had with this talented young actor.

We’ll start from Jared’s first major influence into the performing arts.

Jared’s openness about his past is just one of the amazing qualities you’ll come to see stand out about Jared.  We talked about the type of art he worked with.

Jared then discussed how his means to pay for college would be to represent our country.

Speaking of Jared’s college experiences.  Jared talked about how he took up Cheerleading, first at Nicholls State and then for two years at LSU.

Jared took his Soldiering to another level and it would change his grasp of his surroundings once again.

His years of training soldiers at counter terrorism tactics lead Jared into whole new areas of expertise.

Those new areas would be out in LA.

A phone call though would finally open the door Jared has wanted to go through for so long.

To showcase his athlete ability here is a shot from a commercial Jared did for Farmer’s Insurance.

“Yes, I really did jump off the top of a 19 story
building… Of course I landed on a balcony 17 feet
below.  I did the jump 6 times total &  I almost
jumped over the balcony on one of the jumps.
Needless to say it was pretty scary.”

Before we take the full leap to LA with Jared I’d like to share with you the experience I had watching Jared act in LIV.

Check the film out here!  And then check back soon as we have so much more of our Exclusive Interview with Jared Day.  We’ll talk about acting, his desire to help people, and also the influence Magic has had on his life.



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