Paradise Recovered – LA Premiere Monday November 29th

26 11 2010

Monday November 29th our buddies at Paradise Recovered will hold their LA Premiere at the Downtown Independent courtesy of the fine folks at Film Courage

A new coming of age feature-length narrative film from By The Glass Productions.   A devout young woman learns about faith, living, and love from a surprising source.

Director Storme Wood and writer Andie Redwine have taken a subject that has a harsh tone and created a film that leaves the audience excited for the possibilities that are available for the young woman.

Writer Andie Redwine and Director Storme Wood.

Beautiful Heather del Rio plays the devout young woman, Esther.  She lives with Sawyer family who’s extreme religious beliefs have Esther ready for a life of servitude.  It’s her belief that she needs to help the family that pushes her to get a job at a local grocery store managed by Gabriel.  His similar religious up-bringing has shaped him into a completely different person then Esther.  Through their differences we slowly see both grow as complete characters.  Gabriel’s roommate and co-worker Mark gives the film a much needed comedic fall back.  Mark’s character also completes an intriguing trio and its his quirky nature really moves the story into new places.

Oliver Luke , Heather del Rio , and  Dane Seth Hurlburt (Mark, Esther and Gabriel).

Acting machine, Andrew Sensenig, plays  David the patriarch of the Sawyer family.

A proud devout man that believes so strongly it negatively effects his family and Esther most of all.  The film is an amazing tale of how Esther’s transformation leads to revelations that she never would have figured out with the help of the outside world (in the form of Gabriel and Mark).  But the story isn’t just Esther’s tale, its also Gabriel’s story of growth and there is an underlying question of what is the future for the youngest member of the Sawyer family.  I don’t want to reveal to much about this wonderful film.  Instead take the time to see it for yourself.  For all you LA folks your chance is this up-coming Monday!!

Thanks to LA Talk Radio’s Film Courage Interactive, it’s time for Paradise Recovered’s LA Premiere! Buy tickets at

After party sponsored by Musical Family Tree (
with special guest artist Sara Melson (

Enjoy the great film and get to know some of the cast and crew at the after party!!




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