The Art of Film with Robert Duvall

22 11 2010

(from l to r) Mayor Tom Leppert, Arthur E. Benjamin, Robert Duvall and Michael Cain.

Dallas’ finest came out for a memorable Friday night where Robert Duvall’s legendary career was showcase and honored.

The Dallas Film Society and Arthur E Benjamin foundation awarded Robert a STAR AWARD.

Elvis Mitchell and Robert Duvall with the Star Award.

Mayor Tom Leppert gave Robert two awards for his excellence and support of film in Texas.

Mayor Tom Leppert and Robert Duvall.

Along with the Mayor, Arthur E. Benjamin, The DFS members, staff and founding member Linener Temerlin, the cast and crew of Robert’s newest film Seven Days in Utopia and local director/writer Tom Huckabee all came out to honor the 75 year old legend.   The first person we chatted with was Tom Huckabee.

Director Tom Huckabee.

Tom is busy taking his semi-autobiographical film CARRIED AWAY (wonderful film by the way!) around the country on a road trip.  I asked Tom how the journey was going.

Talented young actor Gabriel Horn plays Ed Franklin in Carried Away who is the main character and a version of Tom in many ways.  Tom talked about the experience working with Gabe and just how much fun they had filming.

Tom and Gabe are actually working on a TV show that starts filming in January.

Now something really awesome about Tom is that he has a website for his photography artwork.  I asked him where the influence of flowers came from.

How about a quick word with Mr. Duvall.

I asked Robert why he helps young directors like Scott Cooper, George Lucas, and Billy Bob Thornton.

So how about the Mayor Tom Leppert’s opinion on the film scene in Dallas.

Mayor and I chilling.

Throughout his career Tom has talked about building the city for the future and he discussed how this applies to the TV and Film scene in North Texas.

And now for The Mayor favorite Robert Duvall film…

And now for Elvis Mitchell’s conversation with Robert Duvall.  Check the PSD facebook page for the full gallery of pictures from the event.

Its most fitting that Elvis brought up David Mamet’s American Buffalo to Robert, because Al Pacino read a scene from that play just this past Tuesday evening.  Here what Robert thinks about American Buffalo.

Robert shared an amazing story about Frank Sinatra.

He then talked about working with his buddy James Caan.

Elvis brought up one of Robert favorite hobbies.

Elvis made a point to bring up the fact that Robert has played a slew of real life men and that those performances are quite powerful.  Robert shared a story about how his Stalin performance was pretty spot on.

Robert discussed how his father influenced his roles for Stalin and Robert E. Lee in GODS AND GENERALS.

And now Robert discusses the True Grit remake!!

Robert talks about Spencer Tracy.

And now a Godfather story!!

Robert talks about what he thinks real comedy is in film.

Robert talks about how well he can play a South American.

He then talked about the basic elements of good acting.

Elvis brought up the old school actors that Robert loved to to work with.

Duvall has a love for athletic people and sports.

Robert told an amazing story about Hall of Fame QB Sammy Baugh.

Once again check out the Pearl Snap Discount Facebook page to check out the rest of the photos from the ART OF FILM EVENT.

An amazing evening spent with Mr. Duvall and the finest folks over Dallas.  Thanks to John Wildman, The entire Dallas Film Society family (Founder Liener Temerlin, President Tanya Foster, Chairman Michael Cain and Artistic Director James Faust), the best interviewer in the game Elvis Mitchell, and all the wonderful folks at Forte PR.




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