Al Pacino: One Night Only.

19 11 2010

I woke up on Tuesday morning a day older and yet happier then ever.  The reason being Al Pacino would grace Dallas with a spectacular evening at the beautiful Winspear Opera House at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

The night may have begun with a “film” clip reel that showcased all of Pacino’s major movies (and some never-before scene clips!!!), but it ended with Al pouring out his true theater heart.  SMU’s Stan Wojewodski Jr kept things light and allowed Al to take over with his fantastic tales.

We heard about his tough upbringing in the mean Bronx streets, thankfully a 2nd grade teacher pushed lil Al in the right direction.  He talked about his early theater days watching Allen Ginsberg shock in the Living Theater.  Joe Papp being one of the first major influences for Al was also talked about extensively.  He discussed the theater productions that would garner the young actor his first awards.

But instead of me reciting back to you what Al said.  I’d rather give you the treat of listening to him yourself.  I hope you enjoy what a wonderful night Al gave our city and yeah I did have a wonderful birthday.

Well start with one living legend talking about possibly the greatest acting legend.  Al talks about Marlon Brando.

And then there is Marlon’s great piece of advice.

Pacino talks about how theater helped make him into a name in the arts world.

Pacino talked about the irony of having a film like Scarface be so beloved and yet it was critically panned.  He told us the story of the first negative review he ever saw about Scarface and the ironic exchange with the person who showed him the review.

Pacino talks about his famous Dog Day Afternoon line where he starts screaming ATTICA!!

How about we listen to Al Pacino do what he does best…ACT.  Up first a reading by Al Pacino.

Pacino looked into his own theater vault for his selected readings of Eugene O’Neill ( Hughie), Tennessee Williams ( Orpheus Descending), David Rabe ( The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel) and David Mamet’s American Buffalo.   An amazing night spent with one of our greatest actors.  And with Mr. Robert Duvall in town tonight and Saturday its been a wonderful Corleone family reunion in Dallas.




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