Exclusive Interview with Director Jonny Cruz part 2

18 11 2010

From l to r.  Ron Gonzalez, Lela Bell, Jordan Spradley,Frank Ford, Dameon Ellis, Robby Storey (behind Jonny), Jonny Cruz , Brenna Demerson , Alcides Dias , David Conard , Benjamin Wilbanks, Nicole Leigh Verdin, Frank Mosley , Lawrence Sutherland , Johanna Goldsmith, and Steven Markel
Small Timers showcase last night was a raucous occasion filled with laughter, excitement, bank robberies, the “Train” showcasing his “collection” skills, a few bare butts, and a diamond encrusted penis dedicated to Julius Caesar himself.

Did I get your attention.   Director Jonny Cruz, joined by cast and crew, was in town last night to hold a screening of his film Small Timers.  Before I share with you some photos from the evening and tell you about the fun times.  I’d like to take you back.  We left off last talking about Jonny’s three-part online webisode COOL WHEELS.  Jonny compares Cool wheels to an iconic show and it fits perfectly.

What is it about the story though that is so appealing and honest?

Still of David Bowie in Labyrinth

And now a moment about Jareth the Goblin King and why Jonny “reenacted” the dancing from the film.

The screening was a huge success with the turnout of a packed house at Four Day Weekend Theater (which is an awesome venue).

Jonny talked extensively about how his DP on the film, Ron Gonzalez, was a huge help and inspiration on set.

I was able to catch a few candid moments from the trio of “Small Timers” and a lady friend of theirs, the lovely Johanna Goldsmith who played Mrs. Russo.

David Conard, Jordan Spradley, and Jonny Cruz.

Jordan and Jonny with Johanna Goldsmith

The three-headed monster that is co-producer and writer Robby Storey, Director/Actor/Writer/Producer/Kitchen Sink  Jonny and executive producer/actor Alcides Dias

O and because you’ve all been so good.  Here’s a little bit of info straight from Jonny about what is up next for our favorite Cruz.

Here are a few more funny pics from the “Small Timers”

And now for “BIG” Timers.

And now for “Love”.




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