Exclusive Interview with Director Jonny Cruz

16 11 2010

Tomorrow night Director Jonny Cruz’s feature film Small Timers will play at the Four Day Weekend Theater in awesome Sundance Square.

Director/Writer/Actor Jonny Cruz life started out as a military brat, but El Paso is where he first got his wake up call.

A phone call would push Jonny from El Paso to the North Texas area.

Jonny talks about how UTA allowed some of his old El Paso friends and new North Texas friends to help with the creative process for them all.

Jonny talks about the rest of the gang from UTA.

Thanks to Frank Mosley and Justin D. Hillard I was first introduced to a really funny online series called Cool Wheels.  Well Jonny wrote and directed the wild show and he talks about how this crazy story came about.

Jonny talks about the difficulty behind making a project like Cool Wheels.

Jonny talks about how important and freeing improv can be for an actor.

To sorta understand what the series is about, I think its time we talked about puke.  And to confuse here is a cool photo of Jonny.

Now Jonny talks about the film you’ll be seeing tomorrow night.

The guys started the project with an investor, but his untimely death to natural causes forced the guys to raise the money.  Because of this it forced the guys to shoot over an extend period of time.

That’s right a PSD fave, Ron Gonzalez.  Now don’t worry we’ll have more from JC in the very near future.  Stay tuned as we’ll talk more about that awesome guy Ron and even about David Bowie dancing in Labryinth!!!  Enjoy the teaser trailer for SMALL TIMERS!




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