24fps International Short Film Festival

5 11 2010

Today and tomorrow in Abilene, Tx the 24fps ISFF will showcase some of the best short films around.

The short film festival has been around since 1999, though it was called the WESTfest until 2005.   In 2006 the festival took the moniker 24 frames per second, but the goal to showcase student and independent short-film-makers has remained.

Festival Director Barry Smoot, who also serves as the Paramount Artistic Director, says 24fps “was created to encourage aspiring filmmakers and give them a unique, landmark theatrical setting to showcase their work. As a nationally recognized historic theatre, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the cinematic art form. It seems only fitting that we have a hand in encouraging its future as well.”

The festival is broken into three programs with the night programs (Friday and Saturday) having 11 films each, while the matinee program on Saturday has 8 films.  The full schedule is as follows:

FIRST NIGHT PROGRAM: Friday, November 5–7:00 pm. Delmer Builds a Machine (USA), Naia and the Moon (Brazil), Rob & Valentyna in Scotland (UK/USA), Daisycutter (Spain), Goliath (Spain), Next Floor (Canada), House of Death (Poland), Laredo, Texas (USA), Meatwaffle (USA), Little Miss Eyeflap (Norway), and Family Jewels (UK).

MATINEE PROGRAM: Saturday, November 6–2:00 pm. The Art of Drowning (Canada), Great Expectations (Romania), Charlie and the Rabbit (USA), O’Moro (France), In My Prison (Italy), Me, You, a Bag & Bamboo (USA), Madagascar, a Journey Diary (France), and The Butterfly Circus (USA).

SECOND NIGHT PROGRAM: Saturday, November 6–7:00 pm. Los Gritones (Spain), The Six Dolar Fifty Man (New Zealand), Fabrica de Munecas (Spain), Echo (Poland), El Dentro del Boque (Spain), The Kinematograph (Poland), Tub (USA), The Armoire (Canada), Successful Alcoholics (USA), Tout Ma Vie (France), Logorama (France).

PSD will be highlighting two filmmakers, from the Friday night showcase, over the next few weeks.  We’ll give our full report of the Saturday programs and hope to also highlight some of the other 30 plus directors.

Eric Lynne’s ROB AND VALENTYNA IN SCOTLAND and Topaz Adizes’s LAREDO, TX will both be in the Friday night program.

LAREDO, TX is an award-winning short that is part of a bold project that looks to showcase the American identity home and abroad.


Check back soon as we’ll not only have much much more with Eric and Topaz, but also a full rundown of all the wonderful shorts at this year’s festival.  It’ll be an incredible festival in an amazing 80-year-old theatre, see-ya out there!!!!



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