Austin Film Festival – Brother’s Justice Q & A

29 10 2010

Dax Sheppard and David Palmer co-directed a raucous adventure, about trying to make a martial arts film, called Brother’s Justice .  O and along the ride the guys are joined by plenty of funny and interesting friends.

Dax, David and Nate Tuck took part in one of the funniest Q & A’s I’ve ever been involved in.  Lets jump into this amazingly entertaining evening at the Paramount Theater.  AFF’s Kelly Williams (big pimp) was the moderator of the Q & A.

Dax Sheppard talks about where he met Nate.

David talks about how his expertise was brought in to the film project.

Kelly Williams, Dax Shepard, Nate Tuck and David Palmer.

The guys talk about how much improvisation was in the film and also mentions some of those “friends” of there’s (you may have heard of  a few of them before).

Dax vs Chuck Norris?  Or was it Dax vs Steven Segal?

The guys talk about how some people knew the joke of the film and some didn’t.  It makes for some truly genius scenes because of the awkward moments.

Dax talks about what they were NOT doing in their film.

The guys talk about one of the coolest sequences in the film.

And now my question.

The guys talk about how there was one scene in which they couldn’t stop from laughing like crazy.

Before they played the film, Dax had a funny disclaimer about the screening.  The film doesn’t have a credit sequence and Dax explains why.

Dax before the screening.

Dax talks about all the people this film helped make famous.

Dax talks about riding a horse during the film.

By far the most genius moment of the Q & A was when an older woman asked if the guys knew anyone in the crowd that was in the film.  And this gold was their response.

Ok now its time for the real greatness.  BROTHER’S JUSTICE TRAILER.

Also a shout out tot the WONDERFUL short film that preceded the screening of Brother’s Justice.  That short, The Legend of El Limbo, directed and written by Michael Suter was funny and well done.

The Legend of El Limbo Poster




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