Texas Book Festival – Nicole LaPorte

26 10 2010

Nicole LaPorte’s book,The Men Who Would Be King: An Almost Epic Tale of Moguls, Movies, and a Company Called DreamWorks,  captured three of Hollywood’s biggest names in one of the boldest moves  in studio history.

On Saturday October 16th at the Texas Book Festival Nicole took part in a Q & A about her book.  The State Capitol was the site of this fun day and Nicole was the first event I went to that day.

South Entrance of the State Capitol.

Inside the Capitol Building itself.

Nicole with moderator Bryan Curtis.

Nicole’s book examines the elements that sparked such a move by y director Steven Spielberg, billionaire David Geffen, and Jeffrey Katzenberg.  The book chronicles the slow rise and then the eventual and ironic fall of the studio.  Nicole starts out talking about the climate of the early 1990’s that allowed for such a fearless move by the trio.

Nicole talks about how 1994 was also an important time for the guys leaving the studio system.

In the book Nicole talks about how hard it was to get people to talk about the trio.  She specifically talked about a crazy meeting with an informant that would open up many doors for Nicole.

Nicole really showcases a side of Steven Spielberg rarely seen, though seems to be a known “in the system”.  She explains why Steven ran the show.

Nicole talks about how Steven has had a paranoid side for decades.

Nicole explains how Steven’s shooting style was a major reason for the slow start for Dreamworks.


Nicole talks about how a fella named Alan Ball would help spark Dreamwork’s first Oscar success.

But one project grew to infamous levels in how bad it was to work on and really gave Dreamworks a huge burden.

Then just as Alan Ball came out of no-where, so did Shrek’s knight in shining armor.

And now for the most infamous story from the book.

Up next in our Texas Book Festival series will be writer Jeff Lindsey who has given the world, DEXTER.  Tomorrow PSD has two treats for you.  1st up will be something fun and awesome from the Austin Film Festival and then a teaser of a local Dallas project!!!




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