Austin Film Festival – Journey

21 10 2010

Photo by Eddi Pan.

Today the 17th Austin Film Festival kicks off, I’d like to share with you some of PSD’s friend’s thoughts on the festival and also we’ll talk about my buddy in the photo.

Since this year will mark the first year we’ve covered the event I felt uncomfortable giving a “preview” or saying what I look forward to seeing.  I don’t really think I can enlighten you with that information (maybe next year).  So instead I’d like to let people who are familiar with the festival and will be attending this year’s festival tell you all about it.   Writer Andie Redwine, Directors Storme Wood and Ya’Ke Smith all chatted with me about their love and admiration for the AFF.  I’ll let them act as the preview for the AFF.  Then I’ll treat you all with a wonderful Q & A with that fella in the photo at the top.

Andie Redwine talks about the heart of the festival, its screenwriting background and emphasis on the writer.

Andie really gets at the main reason why AFF has become such an incredible Festival.

I’d like to let the Director of Paradise Recovered, Storme Wood, tell you about his long history with the Austin Film Festival.

Director Ya’Ke Smith shares the reasons why he loves the Festival.

Ya’Ke goes even more in depth and listen closely (sorry for the loud drunks in the background) he mentions the film that, that fella in the top pic directed.

Ok last night I got to go see an advanced screening of academy-award winning director Danny Boyle’s latest film, 127 hours.  The film stars James Franco in a role that may well make him an Oscar winner himself.  I don’t want to give a review on the film, other then to say its A MUST SEE FILM!!!  Rather I’d like to share with you the amazing Q & A that the Dallas Observer’s Robert Wilonsky had with Danny and the producer from 127 Hours (and ACADEMY-AWARD WINNER TOO) Christian Colson.

The film is based on the true story of Aron Ralston, specifically his book – Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

Christian tells where the film came from.

Danny talks about those tapes.

But it took Danny to come up with the “angle” that makes this film different, unique and utterly captivating.

Danny goes on to explain how they accomplished this Angle.

Christian explains how Danny sculpted his “angle” from Aron’s book.

Danny explains how they captured this look.

Now Danny and Christian talked for another 20 minutes or so.  BUT, 127 Hours is showing at AFF on Tuesday October 26th at the Paramount Theater.  So I’d like to give you another teaser and ask that you come back to PSD on Monday.  I’ll share with you the rest of this interview, and hopefully maybe even some more wonderful tales.

In the mean time pack a bag and head on down to Austin to see this awesome Festival.

Check back here tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about this wonderful documentary called ECHOTONE.  Well better yet I’ll let the director, Nathan Christ, tell you all about the film.




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