17th Austin Film Festival Preview

20 10 2010

We’re one day from the 17th annual Austin Film Festival. I was able to chat with the AFF Film Program Director Kelly Williams about the amazing week planned.

Kelly gives us the quick run-down of how he became Film Director of AFF.

An Austin staple, Director Richard Linklater, was the first thing that attracted Kelly to Austin.

Kelly talked about his start and rise up the AFF ladder.

Kelly talks about the main criteria of selecting films and also about all that is at the festival.

Kelly talks about the opening and closing night films of this year’s festival.

Thursday, October 21, 7:00pm
Exporting Raymond
World Premiere
Phil Rosenthal, writer/director and creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond” in attendance!

With the bold choice of a Documentary as the Opening Night film, it brings up the subject that AFF’s schedule is spread throughout the week nicely.

Having a comedy background its no surprise what section Kelly is excited about this year.

Kelly gives us a sneak peak at what 2011-2012 festivals will look to add.

In the end though their is one huge attraction that has made the Austin Film Festival into one of the more recognizable and important festivals in the country.

I asked Kelly why Austin is such a powerful city in the film world, enough so to have two major film festivals a year.  Kelly not only answered that, but he also sums up the amazing qualities that make Austin such a beloved film city.

So pack up and head out for the Capitol.  Tomorrow we’ll check in with our buddies over at PARADISE RECOVERED, Andie Redwine and Storme Wood, and also the amazing Ya’Ke Smith.  I’ll let them tell you about their thoughts on the Austin Film Festival.  And if you’re really really really nice…I might have some audio from an Oscar Winning Director (just maybe though!).  But if you’d like a hint – His Directorial Debut was the awesome SHALLOW GRAVE.  If all works out and you’re super nice then I’ll also have that treat for you.

AFF kicks off in mere hours!!!!!!!




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