Texas Book Festival – Alison Macor

19 10 2010

From the 1970’s till 2001 the landscape of film in Austin, Tx drastically changed the entire movie world.  Alison Macor is the author of Chainsaws, Slackers, and Spy Kids: Thirty Years of Filmmaking in Austin, Texas. PSD and a packed room of people, deep in the bowels of the State Capitol, listened to an enlightening conversation between, the Austin Film Festival’s Film Program Director, Kelly Williams and Mrs. Macor.

This weekend 40,000 plus people celebrated literature in the heart of Austin.  A proud Mrs. Laura Bush opened the 15th annual event, that she helped create, by packing the historic Paramount Theater early on Saturday Morning.  Of the 224 authors at the Festival PSD was able to attend only a few of the conversations, panels, and discussions.  Alison Macor’s conversation was the last one I attended.  I felt we should start our TBF author series by helping out the festival that the TBF will be sharing its weekend with in 2011.  The Austin Film Festival kicks off its 17th year on Thursday.  Its fitting that these two teenagers should work openly and be helpful to each others cause.  Lets get to the our first author, Alison Macor.

Jason Groupp Photography

That’s the short hair pic, and now here’s Alison with long hair (my camera died during the conversation, but this is closer to the hair length she had on Sunday afternoon).

Either way Alison packed the house!!
By the way it was a lot of fun to be at the Capitol for a Book Festival.  Thanks TBF!!

The Austin Film Festival’s Kelly Williams did a wonderful job introducing Mrs. Macor.

Alison began by explaining the weird start for her book’s journey.

And what were those three things?

Richard Linklater was an obvious key component of the book with his films Slacker and Dazed and Confused being Austin staples.  But Alison knew that Richard had to have been brought to Austin for some reason.

Alison talks about the time it took to do this project.

To choose the films she discussed in the film she decided to make a list.

How did a former Governor really brought out Alison’s greatest fears?

But a kind gesture from Mrs. Richards opened up an amazing door into the film world in Austin.

Alison talks about the huge burden of talking about such beloved films and film-makers.  Robert Rodriguez book, Rebel without a Crew, really focused Alison’s story.

She’s talked about Richard and Robert, how about ol’ Mike Judge (Garland woop).

Alison talks about three influential people who she couldn’t interview for the book.

Alison talks about trying to showcase women in the film world in Austin.

Alison sums up her book.

Next week we’ll continue our TBF author series with Nicole Laporte.   Now help support the UT Press and Alison by getting her entertaining book.  Click Here




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