It Came From Dallas 6 our Exclusive Interview with Gordon K. Smith

18 10 2010

A Halloween tradition over the last 6 years, here in Dallas, has been The ICFD showcase.  This Thursday night bare witness to something that may just harm your fragile little minds.   For all you folks that don’t know what ICFD is, I’ll let one of its creators explain things.

“Mark your calendar and get the word out… It Came From Dallas 6 – Skeletons From the Closet! will be held on Thursday, October 21st, 2010. This fundraising event is DPA’s annual romp through the low and high strata of the Dallas film and television production industry and includes amples doses of merriment, silliness and recognition as we screen clips from films created in Dallas through the years.”

I was able to sit and chat with  Gordon K. Smith about It Came From Dallas 6: It Came From the Closet.

Not only are you coming out to have an amazingly fun Thursday night.  You are also helping out!!  Gordon explains about the fundraising part of the event.

Gordon talks about why and how he does all this work.

A staple of the show has been the incredible posters.

A where’s Waldo doesn’t sound bad at all. Gordon talks about the newest portion of the show.

Gordon gives us a little teaser of his past in the “scene” and also gives a shout out to Texas based shows like (a PSD fav) GOOD GUYS on FOX.

Gordon has co-hosted the event since the very first one and he gives the run down of his co-hosts as well as introduces us to the newest one.

Education time boys and girls, Who is Spencer Williams and how did he put Dallas on the map.

Here is an example of what you can expect to see at the ICFD 6!!!!

RSVP for It Came From Dallas on the DPA Facebook page

It Came From Dallas 6 – Skeletons From the Closet! is presented by Replicopy and the event will be co-hosted by local screen personality LeeAnne Locken and film historian Gordon K. Smith.

Bob Dauber, DPA co-founder and executive producer for the show reports, “This year, we plan on returning to the Studio Movie Grill – Dallas for the star-studded gala. With an all-new format, some neat electronic surprises, a host of raffle prizes and a commitment to pick up the pace of the evening’s proceedings, “It Came From Dallas!” threatens to be better than ever.”

Admission is free with a suggested donation of $10. A big THANK YOU to our sponsors of the event. Their support helps maintain the momentum for DPA’s efforts to increase production possibilities in North Texas and to provide important financial support for the Texas Motion Picture Alliance. It’s good business for everyone IN the business

Looking forward to seeing all of you and sharing in the fun of the evening.

RSVP for It Came From Dallas on the DPA Facebook page

It Came From Dallas 6 – Skeletons From The Closet!
presented by Replicopy
October 21, 2010
Studio Movie Grill – Dallas




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