Exclusive Interview with Director Storme Wood

11 10 2010

Paradise Recovered Poster

Director Storme Wood and Writer/Producer Andie Redwine have crafted a wonderful film about discover.

I was able to talk with both of them about their careers and about their feature film PARADISE RECOVERED. I’d like to introduce you first to Storme Wood and later this week Andie Redwine.

Storme Wood Picture

We’ll start this story in a magical place just south of PSD’s home, you may know it…Austin.

Storme explains just what about film inspired him to pick UT’s RTVF program.

Storme has an interesting tale about how a hotel job during school changed his journey into the film world.

Storme talks about how the church work expanded into the company eleven72.

Storme also expanded into corporate video production and has won a Telly-award for Patient Education Documentary,“Fibromyalgia: Show Me Where it Hurts” for Angler Biomedical Technologies.  Storme has been able to take those lessons into his first feature film work.  PARADISE RECOVERED is about a devout young woman, Esther, who learns about faith, living, and love from a surprising source.  Storme talks about the experience of shooting in Austin and the struggles the weather played.

In fact there is a really fun video that David made showing what happens when you let a film takeover your home.  The film itself is getting ready to play its first festival, the HEARTLAND FILM FESTIVAL.  Its fitting that they open up in the middle of the country.

Heartland Film Festival dates and ticket information.

Festival Schedule

Venue Date/Time Tickets
AMC Showplace Indianapolis Oct 16, 2010 at 5:30pm Buy Tickets
AMC Castleton Square Oct 18, 2010 at 8:15pm Buy Tickets
AMC Showplace Indianapolis Oct 20, 2010 at 7:45pm Buy Tickets
AMC Castleton Square Oct 21, 2010 at 2:00pm Buy Tickets

To help you catch up I’ll let Andie explain the plot of the film.

Esther Harris, a young woman praised for her virtue and devotion to Warren F. Vanderbilt’s Prophetic Watchman Ministries, has been given the opportunity of a lifetime – to attend Vanderbilt’s Kingdom Bible College and to marry Phillip Sawyer, the son of a minister and a Kingdom student being groomed for the ministry. When the fundamentalist Christian sect falls on hard times, Esther looks for employment at a local health food store to supplement the group’s income. At the store, Esther gets a chance to share her faith with her new manager, Gabriel, a devout skeptic and preacher’s kid, and his roommate, Mark, a college drop-out who finds Christian television to be great entertainment. Shot entirely on location in Southern Indiana and Austin, Texas, Paradise Recovered attempts a modern-day retelling of the parable of the Good Samaritan while addressing the important topics of faith, tolerance, and spiritual abuse in modern culture. Written by Andie Redwine

We’ll get much further into the background of the plot with Andie on Wednesday, but I’ll let Storme explain how experts ,in the field of helping recovering survivors of cults and extreme religious groups, truly embrace the film.

Storme talks about the casting process and about Dane Seth Hurlburt actual reading.

Dane Seth Hurlburt Picture

Storme talks about Heather del Rio ,who plays Esther in the film, casting.

Heather del Rio Picture

Oliver Luke plays Mark in the film and he has a unique piercing that was actually woven into the story because it fits his character perfectly.

A little shout out to Andrew Sensenig who plays David Sawyer the preacher that Esther is living with in the beginning of the film.  Its under his harsh rule that we the audience are first introduced into the secluded world that Esther is trapped.  His performance is quite amazing.

Andrew Sensenig Picture

Storme and I talked about the DP on the film and just how they were able to “borrow” their Camera.

The film really stands out because of this great advantage to shoot on such a high res camera.   Now a great moment in the credits of the film is that a small kitten was rescued during the film, well I’ll let Storme tell you.

The film will be at the HEARTLAND FILM FESTIVAL starting this Saturday the 16th and click here for more info.

On Wednesday you’ll get to meet Andie Redwine the writer of the film and we’ll also get into the Austin Film Festival starting next week. So stay tuned and get ready to learn about a great film, Paradise Recovered.




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