RED Review

5 10 2010

Red Poster

All-Star cast makes the EXPENDABLES look like toddlers.

Warren Ellis created a dynamic and wild world when he wrote the graphic novel, RED.  Ellis’ work was adapted for screen by the Hoeber brothers (Erich and Jon) and Robert Schwentke (Time Traveler’s Wife) directs this raucous film.  Bruce Willis plays Frank Moses, who is a retired CIA operative (one of the best) who is just looking for a little love.  WEEDS’ Mary Louise-Parker is charming and funny as the love interest, Sarah.  Frank is forced to kidnap Sarah so he can save her from the hit squads that are out to fully “retire” him…and all those that are connected to him (now Sarah).  The film actually starts out quite slow.  This is completely gone after we meet Karl Urban’s agent Cooper, who’s first introduction to Frank Moses is one of the coolest car/gun battles seen in action films in a long time.  I don’t want to give away to much, but just be warned in the first 15 minutes (after Frank dispatches an 8 man hit squad) we see him pull off one of the coldest action scenes in the entire movie.  Audible gasps were made throughout the packed theater when Frank Moses showed us why you don’t mess with him.

Still of Bruce Willis and Karl Urban in Red

Photo by Frank Masi, SMPSP – © Copyright 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

To figure out why the CIA is after him, Frank takes a journey to meet up with his old team.  Morgan Freeman plays Joe Matheson who is rotting away in a retirement home.  John Malkovich steals the film as the warped Marvin Boggs.  Helen Mirren might be the deadliest AARP member ever as she plays Victoria.

Still of John Malkovich and Helen Mirren in Red

Frank and his favorite trio, with Sarah along for the ride, have to battle the full power of the CIA and later the Secret Service (of course!).  Someone important wants this unit killed, of course because they know all the dirty secrets.

Still of Karl Urban in Red

Photo by Frank Masi, SMPSP – © Copyright 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

The closer agent Cooper gets to catching and disposing of the group, the closer they get to figuring out the missing link.

The film is filled with quick action sequences that invoke Timur Bekmambetov’s fast action pace.  Big guns, bigger explosions and the biggest thrills i’ve seen in a long time.  Richard Schwentke has directed a film with a lot of humor on top of all the crazy action.  It feels a bit like Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy or Bruce Willis’ The Whole Nine Yards (and Ten Yards).  I have to jump back to John Malkovich’s performance, this is the wild-man we’ve come to adore and he brings the crazy violence like no one else.

Still of John Malkovich in Red

Awesome!  Richard Dreyfus also has a nice role as the self-proclaimed “bad guy”, Alexander Dunning aka the guy that knows the whole truth.

Still of Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis and John Malkovich in Red

Photo by Frank Masi – © Copyright 2010 Summit Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.
Yeah check out the clothes on Morgan and Malkovich!  Don’t think Morgan didn’t follow up that stare down, with Mr. Holland’s opus, with an awesome slap to the face.
Overall this movie is loose, funny, filled with amazing action and a great ensemble that appears to be having the time of their lives.  If you like to be entertained then RED is the film for you.  It hits theaters on Friday, October 15th.



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31 10 2010
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Bruce Willis should also get a lifetime achievement award for the many great films that he had *

2 12 2010
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there are very few talented actors that is as versatile as morgan freeman ;’;

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