Dallas VideoFest – Satuday

26 09 2010

From award-winning commercials to iconic cinematographers to a man who has found the CURE to CANCER to Animated Space Love, all of these made up a wild and packed Saturday at DVF.

Director Eric Merola has documented a crime against any of our loved ones and friends that have been stricken with cancer.  Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski is based out of Houston and for the past 4 decades has been fighting to prove that he has found the most-advanced and effective treatment of Cancer…ever.  Only the Pharmaceutical industry, FDA, and our local state and even national governments have gone to ever extent to defame, shut down and steal from Dr. Burzynski.  No doctor has had the responses to Cancer that Dr. Burzynski has showcased.  He’s found a way to cure 72 forms of cancer, including the deadliest brain cancers known.  He’s saved old, men, women and most amazingly young children ( a previous age group that had a horrifically low chance of survival in the most severe cases of terminal cancer).  The stories from the survivors are both unbelievable for their amazing feats of recovery, but also for the amazing extent that a trillion dollar medical industry has gone to silence the MAN WHO HAS FOUND THE CURE FOR CANCER.  I’ve never left a film more angry and shocked then this wonderfully moving portrait.  An aunt of one of Dr. Burzynski’s survivors, who was one of those terminal cases with no-hope for a long life, was kind enough to say a few words.

Dallas Video Fest director Bart Weiss also had some profound words about the film’s impact.

If you have ever been around Cancer you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and your future to see this film.

Jumping back to the DVF’s Saturday programming, the first thing I watched on Saturday was the London International Awards.

LIA is the 25-year-old jury-based award that highlights, “awarding only the most inspirational ideas”.  In other words, the best Commercials, PSAs, and advertising shorts in the world.   Audi, McDonald’s, Adidas, BMW, and AVIAN are just a few of the companies that were award winners in the 2009 award showcase.  The commercial has been a huge business avenue for directors to break-into the industry, hone their talents and make a living to further their careers.  Its also been a backbone of the film-making industries in the 60’s in America and Great Britain.  Some of our finest cinematographers, directors, writers and minds have gained their start in the commercial world.   The humor, passion, beauty and innovation seen in these award-winning film elements is truly outstanding and worthy your time.

NO SUBTITLES NECESSARY is a documentary that chronicles the awe-inspiring lives of two of our finest cinematographers. Told by cinematographer turned director, James Chressanthis.

Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond (left and right) were two young camera men who witnessed the Russian invasion of their homeland, Hungary.  They boldly filmed the resistance and then risked their lives to escape the country with that footage.  Coming to America the duo would engrave their visionary camera talents into the Hollywood landscape like no others before them.  The film is an intimate look at the families, friends, filmmakers, and the two men themselves.  If you have any love of film or have always wanted to know more about the men behind the camera, this film is a great start.  It shows how the two men brought their own love of the American landscape (which was vast and new to them both) to the big screen.  Their fearless nature and hard-working pace has helped focus directors like Dennis Hopper, Robert Altman, Peter Bogdanovich, Woody Allen, Brian De Palma and Steven Spielberg.  Both men have won Oscars and been part of some of our most recognized films.  This film also serves as a final memory of Laszlo Kovacs who passed away in 2007.   Click here for more information about the film.

I ended Saturday by watching MARS, director Geoff Marslett’s beautifully animated space love story.  The comedy takes place a few years from now, where a space race between NASA and the ESA.  Charlie Brownsville, Hank Morrison, and Dr. Casey Cook (the Americans) are pitted against an artificially intelligent robot in this race to MARS.  Director/Actor Mark Duplass plays our hero Charlie Brownsville, a “figure-head” astronaut.  The director and a talented post-production team spent a full year working on the animation of the film.  Well I’ll let two of those post-production wizards give the actual time line of the film.

Paul Gordon shines as the pessimistic Captain Hank Morrison and then there is Kinky Friedman playing himself.  O and Kinky, in the film, has been named President of the United States.  Kinky doesn’t disappoint!  Its funny, its corky, and its worth your time.  Geoff Marslett is a talented Texan who is a teacher of animation at the University of Texas at Austin.

I chatted with a few of his students after the film, they are now living in Dallas.  They not only talked highly of how fun, but even more so on how intriguing it is to watch Geoff at work.  That same feeling came from the post production duo who talk about the passion behind Geoff’s work.

Even with such amazing finds their was one huge scare during post production.

Luckily for us all the film looks great and is a wonderful comedy to put on your schedule of films to see.

Check back tomorrow as we’ll go over the final day of DVF.




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