Step Into Africa

20 09 2010

Inspiration taken one step at a time.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has effected every country and ever nationality.  Its a universal disease that sadly has ravaged whole nations.  On Sunday, I had the wonderful experience of seeing what the World Vision Experience is doing to help those impacted by HIV/AIDS.   At the SpringCreek Church in Garland there is an interactive exhibit that is called STEP INTO AFRICA.  World Vision has been running the program for the past few years and its an experience I hope you’ll take a chance on.   And it’s ALL FREE!!!

It is a intelligent and intriguing way to expand and educate about the impact that HIV/AIDS is having on our world.  It is broken into 4 specific subjects, that are all children under the age of 13.  I was able to experience two of the more “difficult” stories and then talked with a representative of WORLD VISION.  Dean Baylor was kind enough to explain it all and we started talking about the purpose of this specific educational tool.

Dean expands on how the kids were chosen as the subjects of the exhibit.

Its not an easy experience to witness and yet it’s done in away that leaves you uplifted and feeling like you can help.  I was personally touched in how independent you feel while going through the exhibit.  You’re given a headset and it is your guide on this journey.  You have the ability to pace yourself.  You have the chance to see the issues that children are having to battle through day-to-day.

Since the inception of this interactive exhibit, World Vision has won a several prestigious awards:

Aegis Media Awards 2008 (Bronze), Specialist Communications
The Aegis Awards is one of the oldest and most respected video/film production contests in the United States. The Aegis Awards is the only competition that features true peer judging by fellow producers, directors, cameramen, editors, and other professionals who work in the video/film industry every day.

PMA’s REGGIE Awards 2007 (Bronze), Experiential Marketing
The Promotion Marketing Association, PMA, is the premier not-for-profit organization and resource for research, education and collaboration for marketing professionals. The REGGIE Awards are dedicated to recognizing superior thinking, creativity, execution, and results across the entire spectrum of promotion and integrated marketing.

Dean explains the basis of the company behind this innovative educational tool.

Dean expands on how STEP INTO AFRICA came into existence.

How about we get to know Dean a bit more and you can see the nice people that World Vision has working for it.

Check back tomorrow as Dean and I chat more about the wonderful program.  I’ll also give you my first-hand experience and “take” you through the exhibit.  In the mean time take your family and friends out to the church.  You don’t have to be a christian to experience this either.  It’s open and free to anyone and everyone.   Its a wonderful experience.


You can reserve a particular time, here

September 20 & 21     10 am – 8 pm
September 22-24        11 am – 9 pm
September 25               9 am – 3 pm   and   6 pm – 9 pm
September 26               12:30 pm – 8 pm


Springcreek Church
2660 Beltline Road @ Shiloh Rd
Garland, TX  75044

For more information about the church click here.

For more information on World Vision and to see a video about the exhibit itself click here.




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